New York City Declares Emergency Over Migrant ‘Crisis’

Mayor Eric Adams said that since September, an average of five to six buses have arrived in New York every day.

Mayor Eric Adams of New York City has declared a state of emergency because of a “crisis situation” caused by a large number of migrants. Since April, more than 17,000 people have crossed into the city from the south.

In the past few months, Republican states like Texas, Arizona, and Florida have been sending people to Democratic areas. It’s part of a fight with the White House because so many people are coming to the US-Mexico border at once.

Mr. Adams said at a press conference on Friday that about five to six buses have been coming into the city every day since September. He said that one out of every five people living in a city shelter is an asylum seeker right now.

He said that many of the people coming in are families with school-aged children who need medical care very badly. The influx is expected to cost New York $1 billion (£900 million) this fiscal year, and the mayor is asking for help from the federal government and other states to pay for it.

New York City Declares Emergency Over Migrant
New York City Declares Emergency Over Migrant

“People in New York are angry,” Mayor Adams said. “I’m mad, too. We didn’t ask for this to happen. There was never a deal to help tens of thousands of people who were looking for asylum.” He added: “The city will soon run out of money for other important things. New York City is doing everything it can, but we are at the end of what we can do to help.”

He also said that the city’s social services are “being used by other people for political gain.”

Three states—Texas, Arizona, and Florida—have sent migrants to areas run by Democrats, with a focus on “sanctuary cities” that don’t work with federal immigration officials. Officials from the Republican party in border states say this is a way to lessen the effects of migration flows.

New York City Declares Emergency Over Migrant

They have also said that the measure is meant to put more pressure on President Joe Biden’s government to do more to stop the record number of migrants who have crossed the southern US border this year.

As a way to ease the strain on city resources, El Paso, Texas, which is run by Democrats, has been giving migrants free rides to New York City and Chicago. El Paso has sent nearly 9,000 migrants to the two cities in the north. This is more than twice as many as the Texas governor has sent.

Officials in El Paso say that the rides are voluntary and that they work with the cities where the migrants are going to help them when they get there. As part of declaring an emergency, the mayor of New York issued an executive order that lets the city use its resources to help asylum seekers and speed up any response efforts.

On Friday, a spokeswoman for Texas Governor Greg Abbott laughed off what the mayor said.

Renae Eze said, “The real emergency is on our country’s southern border, where hundreds of migrants arrive every day and overwhelm small Texas border towns, which the Biden administration dumps them in.” Ms. Eze said that as of October, Texas had sent more than 60 buses full of about 3,100 people who had come to the state to New York.

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