One Dead After Three Florida Teens Crash Stolen Maserati

One Dead After Three Florida Teens Crash Stolen Maserati, Authorities say that a 15-year-old Florida boy died early Sunday morning after he and two other teens stole a silver Maserati and took it for a high-speed joy ride, hitting a business sign and flipping it over. In the St. Petersburg, Florida, crash that happened before dawn, the teens who were still alive were badly hurt.

The keys were still in the ignition when the three friends stole the unlocked luxury sports car from a driveway at 3:30 a.m., Pinellas County Sheriff Bob Gualtieri said at a press conference. Gualtieri said that the driver was going fast without turning on the car’s headlights. The driver then lost control, jumped a curb, and crashed, flipping over the 2016 silver model.

One Dead After Three Florida Teens Crash Stolen Maserati

Police said that Mario Bonilla died at the scene, and Malachi Daniels, who was 16, was taken to the hospital in critical condition and was not expected to live. Keondrick Lang, the 15-year-old driver, was also in critical condition but was expected to live. “This is what happens when you’re a new driver going 80 miles per hour at 3:30 in the morning and you lose it,” Gualtieri said. “Unfortunately, one has died, another looks like he will die soon, and the third has some pretty serious injuries.” “ A Food Delivery Drone Lands On Power Lines Resulting In Power Outage For Thousands“check out the full details here.

He also said that none of the teens had a license to drive.

While responding to another call in the area, deputies in a helicopter saw the stolen car. Authorities on the ground tried to stop the teens, but they drove away, Gualtieri said. The deputies didn’t chase them in their cars because it was against department policy, the sheriff said. Gualtieri said that instead, the helicopter kept an eye on the fast-moving luxury car.

One Dead After Three Florida Teens Crash Stolen Maserati

He said of the teens, “Once the deputies let go, they didn’t slow down.” “They kept going at a very fast rate.”

On Tuesday, more information, including video from the dashboard camera and the helicopter, is expected to be made public.

Gualtieri said that the parents of the high schoolers thought their kids were asleep when they sneaked out in the middle of the night. When they heard about what happened, the parents were devastated.

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