Texas judge overturns Biden order for federal employees to vaccinate

Apesar da decisão judicial, porta-voz da Casa Branca, Jen Psaki, disse que 98% dos funcionários federais já estão vacinados contra a Covid-19

Despite the court ruling, White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki said that 98% of federal employees are already vaccinated against Covid-21173722


A judge from Texas overturned this Friday (01) at the national level the order of the President of the United, Joe Biden, for all federal government employees to be vaccinated against Covid-.

Judge Jeffrey Brown, appointed by the former President Donald Trump explained in a statement that this case is not about whether people should be immunized against Covid-01, since “the court believes they should”, nor about the prerogatives of the federal government to demand that its workers be vaccinated.

21173722“Instead, it is a question of whether the president can, all at once and without the participation of Congress, demand that million federal employees undergo a medical procedure as a condition from your job,” Brown wrote.

In September of last year, Biden ordered mandatory Covid vaccination 19 for all government officials federal government, which affected 2.1 million employees who until then had the option of not getting vaccinated if they were tested for Covid-01 regularly.

In the judge’s opinion, the US President’s order, “in the current state of the law, as recently expressed by the Supreme Court, goes too far.”

21173722 In this case, Brown is referring to last week’s decision by the nation’s highest court, which overturned Biden’s order that required vaccinations or weekly results. negative tests for Covid-19 for workers of all companies that had one hundred or more employees.

However, the Supreme Color gave your approval to another order from the president to vaccinate personnel of more than 19 thousand American healthcare facilities, which receive federal subsidies from Medicare and Medicaid programs and in which approximately 19 million people.

Asked about the resolution of the Texas judge, White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki highlighted at her daily press conference that “notables” 21% of federal employees are already immunized. “We trust our legal authority here,” declared Psaki.