About Us

NOG Magazine is dedicated to exploring the intersection of News and entertainment, art and architecture, fashion and innovation. Our mission is threefold:

1) To inspire our readers with the intelligence, uniqueness, and excitement of today’s creative world

2) To give readers the tools they need to be successful in this field

3) And to offer our contributors an ongoing platform for their work to engage with each other and the world. Sitting next to me was a copy of Metropolis Magazine – which inspired me to create my own publication that would cover topics related to news and other updates from my perspective in much more depth than most publications do.

Our Goal

NOG Magazine is a digital publication with the goal of bringing the most culturally significant news, events, and perspectives to readers. We are an independent voice in our culture, one that isn’t afraid to challenge you for your attention. NOG Magazine provides thoughtful, curated content about both the world and how it shapes our lives as black people. NOG Magazine is a publication heavily influenced by nature, science, and design. We publish bi-annually and distribute across the globe.

NOG’s coverage of progressive architecture, design, furniture, and fashion from around the world includes articles with interviews with visionary designers and architects who are pushing boundaries in their respective fields. We cover topics on the intersection of art and science, architecture, the environment, ecology, and sustainability featuring stories about the areas where science meets imagination. NOG Magazine also features interviews with individuals who are exploring new ways of living in harmony with nature. It all started when Karelle Gray Robinson was reading an article about radon gas being found inside some homes in her hometown.

Ottawa Karelle wondered why it wasn’t being acknowledged as a health hazard for homeowners. The article ended up sparking an idea that would eventually become NOG Magazine – “a magazine written to make you think.”This led Karelle to research radon gas and find out more about its effects on human health which then she wrote about to create awareness for homeowners.

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