Editorial Policy

Editorial Policy

Nogmagazine is committed to making sure that all editorial news content is factually correct, fair, ethical, and well-researched. This is a long-term goal.

Independence Accuracy and Clarity

As a consumer-focused publication, the editorial independence and honesty of Nogmagazine are essential to how we do business. The Digital Editor is in charge of making sure standards are met, and he or she has editorial control over how content is delivered.

Also, Nogmagazine has a responsibility to make sure that the news and information it gathers and shares are correct according to the standards of objective journalism. Our editorial standards say that all factual content must be checked for accuracy as much as possible.

1. Nogmagazine makes sure that factual information in news stories and other places is correct and doesn’t mislead, and that it can be told apart from other information, like opinions.

2. If something in Nogmagazine is significantly wrong or misleading, a correction or other appropriate action is taken.

Balance and fairness

Nogmagazine has a responsibility to make sure that the way it gathers and shares news and information is fair and follows the rules of objective journalism. Being fair doesn’t mean that every point of view has to be covered equally or that every argument has to be shown from every angle.

3. Nogmagazine makes sure that factual information is presented in a fair and balanced way, and that writers’ opinions are not based on factual information that is significantly wrong or that leaves out key facts.

4. Nogmagazine makes sure that if something bad is said about a person, he or she is given a fair chance to respond, if that is needed to deal with a possible violation of General Principle 3.

Privacy and not getting hurt

Human dignity depends on privacy, and everyone has a right to expect that their privacy will be respected.  Nogmagazine respects this right and knows it has to protect privacy and keep people from getting hurt.

5. Nogmagazine doesn’t go against a person’s reasonable expectation of privacy unless it’s in the public’s best interest to do so.

6. Nogmagazine tries not to cause or contribute to significant offence, distress, or prejudice, or a significant risk to health or safety, unless it is in the public interest to do so.

Integrity and being honest

Nogmagazine knows that honesty and openness are important to keep the trust of its readers and those who participate in or are directly affected by what it writes. We promise not to publish anything that might mislead people, and we have a duty to make sure that the way news and information are gathered and presented is fair, according to the standards of objective journalism. If there are any conflicts of interest, Nogmagazine will make sure they are made clear and that they don’t affect what is written.

9. Nogmagazine doesn’t publish information that was gathered by lying or being unfair unless it is in the public interest to do so.

10. Nogmagazine should make sure that conflicts of interest are either avoided or fully disclosed, and that they don’t affect the content that is published.

Feedback Policy

Nogmagazine wants to hear what its readers think about its articles and encourages them to talk openly and publicly with us so that we can set our coverage priorities and make sure they are correct. If you’d like to give us feedback on our content, coverage decisions, reporting, or any actions you take after a story is published to make it more interesting, change it, or add to it, please email us onNogmagazine.com@gmail.com

Changes and corrections Policy

Factual mistakes need to be fixed and noted by an editor at the start or end of the article. If you change a text to make it clearer, more interesting, or easier to spell, you don’t have to say so. When a story has changed a lot in the week after it has been published, an update may be added.