Hunter Moore Net Worth: Revealing the Internet’s Most Hatred Man

Hunter Moore, an American internet entrepreneur, was born on March 9, 1986. He rose to fame when he founded the divisive website “,” which was notorious for publishing explicit user-submitted material without consent. Legal problems led to the website’s eventual removal.

Moore’s involvement in the “revenge po*n” incident hurt his reputation. His story highlights the ethical conundrums around online privacy in addition to the legal repercussions of utilizing s*xual content for profit without consent.

Hunter Moore Net Worth

Hunter Moore is an American criminal with a criminal record and a net worth of $2 million. Moore has been named “The Most Hated Man on the Internet” by Rolling Stone.

Hunter Moore Net Worth
Hunter Moore Net Worth

It lasted from 2010 to 2012, at which point Moore became the focus of an FBI investigation after receiving information from the mothers of one of the victims. Moore broke into his victims’ email accounts using a hacker, then took screenshots of them to post online.

Who Is Hunter Moore?

With his controversial website “Is Anyone Up?”—which featured po*nographic photos and videos of people posted against their will—American hacker and former internet entrepreneur Hunter Moore gained notoriety.

He was born on March 9, 1988, in Bakersfield, California. Moore rose to prominence in the online community thanks to his controversial website and straightforward style.

When Moore and his pals received obscene images of women they were meeting at the time, Moore had planned for the website to serve as a conduit for nightlife. Is Anyone Up? became the new name of the website as a result.

Moore’s website allowed users to share private and suggestive pictures of people without their consent, typically with their names and addresses included. The content of the pictures became known as “revenge p**n” since he refused to comply with requests to have them removed.

During the sixteen months that the website was operational, he maintained that he was protected by the same laws that safeguard Facebook. In 2012, Moore sold the website to the anti-bullying website after the FBI conducted an investigation.

In 2013, Moore faced legal action for defamation because he had called McGibney a “pedophile” and threatened to rape McGibney’s wife.

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Hunter Moore’s Early Life

Hunter Moore was born in the Californian city of Sacramento on March 9, 1986. Although Moore didn’t graduate from Woodland High School until he was a young adult, he did attend.

He claims to have a framed T-shirt from his debut professional try in his room. This clothing supposedly belongs to him. In the eighth grade, he was expelled from a private Christian school; instead, he went on to found the T-shirt company.

Hunter Moore FBI Investigation

Charlotte Laws, the mother of one of the victims, spent two years gathering evidence from more than forty victims and then provided it to the FBI. Moore and another hacker, Charles Evens, were under investigation in 2012 for potential hacking violations.

He ultimately became the focus of multiple lawsuits and an FBI investigation. A woman who appeared on the website also gave him a pen stab wound to the shoulder.

Hunter Moore also threatened to burn down The Village Voice’s main office if they released an article detailing his FBI inquiry. The article was nevertheless published despite the threat.

Hunter Moore Guilty Plea and Arrest

Charges of aggravated identity theft, conspiracy, and obtaining unauthorized access to a secured computer led to Moore’s arrest in 2014. He was given a $100,000 bond and released from the Sacramento County Jail two days later.

As he was legally required to destroy the files he owned for the Is Anyone Up? database, the FBI was watching him. Posts on his Twitter account began to appear in 2015, exactly one year after his imprisonment. See the tweet for more details:

It indicated that he had returned to using the internet. Moore pleaded guilty in 2015 to charges of inducing unauthorized access to a computer and aggravated identity theft. He was given a three-year sentence of supervised release.

It came after serving 2.5 years in federal prison. 2017 saw Moore’s release from prison. A coworker named Charles Evens admitted to taking hundreds of photos from women’s email accounts and selling them to Moore.

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