Cory Youmans Net Worth: Does He Has Fortune of Billions?

New York City now has a new ruler. His name is Aaron Judge. The Yankees’ power hitter hit his 62nd home run against the Rangers in the second game of a doubleheader on Tuesday night. This will go down in baseball history. Jesus Tinoco, a right-handed pitcher for Texas, gave Judge a home run in the first inning of Game 161.

Right-handed pitcher Jesus Tinoco, who is 27 years old, took the mound today. Tinoco’s inside slider hit too much of the plate. The rocket from “All Rise” sent him to the left-field outfield bleachers.

ESPN’s Stats and Information team say that Judge’s 17th home run of the season came on Tuesday when he hit a slider. You might want to pull that out of the bullpen when facing No. 99.

Who Is Cory Youmans?

USA Today’s Bob Nightengale says that Judge’s record-setting home run was seen in Row 3 of Section 31. Cory Youmans, who lives in Dallas, grabbed it, and security took him away right away to check the ball.

Youmans will know how much his new memento is worth because he is now married to Bri Amaranthus, an Emmy-winning reporter and former contestant on The Bachelor. ESPN’s Darren Rovell says that he is currently the vice president of Fisher Investments, a company that is in charge of almost $200 billion in assets.

How Much Is Aaron Judge’s 62nd Home Run Ball Worth?

Nightengale says that Youmans should get at least $2 million from Judge’s historic home run. No matter how much those Rangers tickets cost him, it was money well spent. I wonder if he will take a trip. You could rent a yacht. Who can say? Check out Brian Hoyer as well.

“That’s a good question. In fact, I haven’t even thought about that! Ryan Glasspiegel of the New York Post quotes Youmans.

Hank Aaron held the American League record for most home runs in a single season until Tuesday night when Aaron Judge hit his 62nd home run against the Texas Rangers. Youmans, the local vice president of Fisher Investments, could get a lot of offers for the ball. Last month, JP Cohen, the president of Memory Lane, offered $2 million for it.

Rich Mueller of Sports Collectors Daily said that Cohen said, “I’ll pay $2 million for that baseball right away, and I want to loan it to Yankee Stadium right away so that the public can see it in person.”

By putting the ball up for auction, even more, money could be made. Another option is to just pass the ball to Judge. Michael Kessler, the right fielder who caught Judge’s 60th home run, gave it back to Judge in exchange for a meet-and-greet and some memorabilia. Judge caught the ball that was hit for home run number 61 after he landed in the Toronto Blue Jays bullpen. Read more about John Legend as well.

Judge is trying to break Barry Bonds’ record of 60 home runs in the major leagues, which was set in 2001. This makes the ball he hits for his 62nd home run a valuable item.

Cory Youmans Personal Life

Cory started dating Bri Amaranthus in 2018, and they got engaged and married in 2020. Bri is a sports reporter for SI. She writes about the Dallas Mavericks and Cowboys. She used to be a reporter and host for NBC Sports Northwest. She also had a cameo on The Bachelor.

Cory Youmans Personal Life
Cory Youmans Personal Life

Cory Youmans Net Worth

It is expected that Cory Youmans net worth will reach $25 million by the year 2022. Since Cory already manages $197 billion for his company around the world, the money from Judge’s 62nd home run ball isn’t that interesting to him. By the year 2022, Bri is expected to have saved $20 million for herself.

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