Forrest Gump Ending Explained: Why It Is Different From the Novel?

Forrest Gump Ending Explained: Forrest Gump, a 1994 film directed by Robert Zemeckis and written by Eric Roth, is currently making waves in India with its 2022 adaptation, Laal Singh Chaddha. In this American comedy-drama, Tom Hanks played the title character, Forrest Gump, alongside many other well-known actors.

The highest-grossing American movie of 1994, Forrest Gump, offered a window into the 20th century’s transitional period. The Forrest Gump finale is one of the most memorable parts of the entire film because it shows how the protagonist finally finds peace after dealing with all the upheaval in his life.

Thus, both critics and spectators praised the film’s narrative. Drama, romance, falling apart, action, and adventure are all present in this movie. So let’s revisit the film through this post and relive this sentimental tale.

Forrest Gump Ending Explained

The film’s epilogue depicts Forrest and Jenny’s final meeting in 1976. She developed a drug addiction after being influenced by the still-evolving Hippie movement in America. She goes back to his friend before telling Forrest that she loves him. After some time together, Jenny departs the following morning.

Before going back to Greenbow, Forrest spends the next three years running a gruelling cross-country marathon. When Forrest returns to his own country, Jenny is waiting for him there with his son, Forrest Gump Jr. They tie the knot. But Forrest’s fate is very awful because Jenny passes away a year after their marriage is attacked by an unidentified infection.

The author of the novel planned for this “unknown virus” to be Hepatitis C; however, the filmmakers intended for it to be the current killer, HIV/AIDS. Hepatitis C was supposed to be this “unknown virus” in the novel. Forrest is seen sending his son off for the first day of school in the movie’s concluding moments.

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In conclusion, Forrest Gump was a movie that praised a man who was not only intelligent but also talented and emotionally strong. But when it came to his love life, his fate was less forgiving. And this is how Forrest Gump’s climactic sequences make the audience feel.

About Forrest Gump

Forrest Gump is a 1994 American comedy-drama film written by Eric Roth and directed by Robert Zemeckis. The 1986 publication of Winston Groom’s book of the same name inspired the film.

Forrest Gump Ending Explained
Forrest Gump Ending Explained

Following The Lion King as the second-highest-grossing film of 1994, it debuted on July 6, 1994. The Golden Globes, the British Academy Film Accolades, and the Screen Actors Guild Awards all nominated it for multiple significant awards.

The Star Cast

The film’s protagonist, Forrest Gump, played by Tom Hanks, is an emotional yet dimwitted man. Jenny Curran, his longtime love interest and childhood friend, is portrayed by Robin Wright. Young Forrest and Jenny were portrayed by Michael Conner Humphreys and Hanna R. Hall, respectively. Gary Sinise as Lieutenant Dan Taylor, Sally Field as Mrs. Gump, Haley Joel Osment as Forrest Gump Jr., etc. is some additional notable actors.

The Initial Plot

A slow-witted yet kindhearted guy named Forrest, who resides in Greenbow, Alabama, with his mother, is the main character of the Forrest Gump story. He meets Jenny at his school and falls in love right away. He implanted leg braces to rectify his curved spine because he was regularly teased at school for his lack of intelligence.

But as soon as his braces come off, he reveals himself to be an athlete. He receives a football scholarship to the University of Alabama thanks to his swift running ability, where he is coached by Bear Bryant, the greatest college football coach in history. After graduating in 1966, Forrest enlisted in the United States Army and made friends with Benjamin Buford Blue, also known as Bubba.

Bubba, though, perishes during an operation in Vietnam. Despite being emotionally scarred, Forrest gathers his courage and assumes leadership, saving Lieutenant Dan Taylor, his leader. President Lyndon B. Johnson awards him a Medal of Honor for his valor.

At a March on the Pentagon protest against the war, he briefly reconnects with Jenny, his former childhood sweetheart who is now hooked to drugs. He becomes an overnight sports star thanks to his just-discovered Ping Pong talent. He is given a chance to meet President Richard Nixon and is given access to a room at the Watergate complex, where he unintentionally reveals the Watergate affair.

Forrest eventually receives his army discharge. He is now working on his and Bubba’s shared aim of purchasing a shrimp boat and starting a business. Together with Lieutenant Dan, who at long last expresses his thanks to Forrest for saving him during the battle, Forrest now successfully operates a Bubba Gump Shrimp Company. They make a million dollars. Forrest returns to his mother, battling illness and offers half of his portion to Bubba’s family.

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