The Eternal Daughter Ending Explained: Was Rosalind Dead All Along?

The Eternal Daughter Ending Explained: Like most of Joanna Hogg’s earlier films, “The Eternal Daughter” is a horror drama that looks and feels very personal to the director. The story here follows a woman named Julie as she visits an old estate-turned hotel with her mother Rosalind and her dog Louis to celebrate her mother’s birthday.

Even if there isn’t much in the movie to figure out, what is there can be challenging and thought-provoking? “The Eternal Daughter” is probably best appreciated with a highly personal reception, choosing to believe or create out the picture what one would want to, as there isn’t too much clarity or even suggestions supplied by the movie regarding whatever is going on.

The Eternal Daughter Ending Explained

After the birthday meal, which was incredibly uncommon, Julie is shown going back to her room and crying once more when Bill visits to comfort her. The groundskeeper had previously been invited to her mother’s birthday supper, but Bill had declined because he stated he had some family responsibilities to attend to. Now, however, he was present.

Again, this could be interpreted as a signal that Bill is fictitious like Rosalind. The following morning, after a filling breakfast, Julie begins typing quickly on her laptop. It almost seems as though by telling us that she struggles with memories of her deceased mother, Julie’s writer’s block vanishes by magic.

Around the time of Christmas, Julie is seen leaving the hotel and is a much happier woman with a constant smile on her face. This is presumably because she was able to create the movie with satisfaction. Bill leads Julie and Louis out of the hotel while she waits for a taxi, and she thanks him for all his assistance. The cab then picks up Julie, and the vehicle departs into the distance. At its most fundamental level, “The Eternal Daughter” neither offers anything novel nor extraordinary.

But it is how it is executed that allows the movie to keep one’s interest the entire time and leave them with so many unanswered questions and opportunities. As we are never told or given any hints as to why Julie saw the ghostly face of a lady or how Louis had vanished from the room just to reappear there, the story maintains a sense of mystery even after it comes to a conclusion. Both could be interpreted as hallucinations created in Julie’s head or as memories from a different period of time.

Although it may be a stretch, it is also possible that Julie visited the hotel with her mother when she was alive some time ago, and some of her past and present experiences have been blended together. Louis might have left the room on that occasion, but he is still there right now. Julie, however, chases memories of her past, much like she does when she tries to win her mother’s approval.

For those who like such things, the sound and images both evoke the traditional horrors of old gothic culture. The picture may not include as much terror as it does drama when the rich sound design is stripped away, but the sound is what would initially attract you in.

The story of “The Eternal Daughter,” which is disguised as a horror film in which a woman experiences hallucinations and sees dead people, appears to be a straightforward one about a daughter who struggles to live up to her mother’s expectations even after the latter’s death.

The Eternal Daughter Plot Summary

Rosalind, Julie’s mother, and their devoted cat Louis sat calmly taking in the scenery as a cab travels over a foggy British country road while the driver tells a scary tale of witnessing an apparition. When they reach their destination, an old but wealthy rural home, Julie registers at the front desk because the estate is now a hotel.

As the front desk agent struggles to locate Julie’s booking at first and then any particular requests that the woman had reportedly made regarding booking a room on the first floor, there appears to be a problem with the reservation itself.

The Eternal Daughter Ending Explained
The Eternal Daughter Ending Explained

Although all of the hotel’s room keys are prominently displayed, indicating that every room is vacant, the receptionist first refuses to assign a room on the first floor, creating the impression that she is exceedingly unwelcoming and even nasty. The receptionist finally allows the visitors to enter the desired room but quickly exits the building without allowing Julie to continue her thought.

Julie witnessed the receptionist being driven away later that evening and every evening in a vehicle with loud music blasting and reckless driving, probably by her lover, at the conclusion of her shift. Julie tries her best to work on her laptop as she fights to settle in at the hotel with all the unusually loud sounds of the wind and the cracking of boards around the place.

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Julie, who works as a filmmaker, is trying to write a movie on her mother and their relationship but finds it difficult to do so. She attempts to write what she intends to write in a cozy, warm corner in one of the rooms on a higher home floor, but the noises keep returning. Julie’s predicament seems somewhat worrying given the eerily vacant hotel, all these unsettlingly loud noises, and her mother does not appear to hear any of it.

The Eternal Daughter Trailer

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