Laal Singh Chaddha: Atul Kulkarni is working on this film with Eric Roth! Take a Look Around

It is an upcoming Indian comedy-drama film directed by Advait Chandan and written by Eric Roth and Atul Kulkarni, with the screenplay written by Atul Kulkarni. Aamir Khan Productions, Viacom18 Studios, and Paramount Pictures all contributed to the film’s creation.  Forrest Gump, a remake of the 1994 American film based on Winston Groom’s 1986 novel of the same name, starring Aamir Khan, Kareena Kapoor, and Naga Chaitanya (in his Hindi film debut).

During the course of two decades, Atul Kulkarni spent ten years adapting the script and another 10 years obtaining the remake rights to Forrest Gump’s storey.

As of March 14, 2019, Aamir Khan and Radhika Chaudhari, the film’s producer and director in Los Angeles, had purchased the film’s rights in early 2018 and revealed the film’s title.

Filming locations for Laal Singh Chaddha have taken place in over 100 Indian cities.

On the 31st of October of this year, principal photography began in Chandigarh.

However, filming was interrupted in March 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic in India before resuming in mid-September 2020 in Delhi, delaying the film’s release by a whole year. The new release date for the film has been set for April 14, 2022.


Laal Singh Chaddha, an autistic guy who has a deep knowledge of human emotions, tells the chronicle of India’s history from his unique perspective.


  • Aamir Khan as Laal Singh Chaddha
  • Kareena Kapoor
  • Naga Chaitanya
  • Mona Singh

Cameo appearances

  • Shah Rukh Khan
  • Salman Khan
  • Madhuri Dixit
  • Kajol
  • Karisma Kapoor



Forrest Gump, the 1994 American drama film, was produced by Paramount Pictures, and Aamir Khan revealed in August 2018 that he had purchased the remake rights from Paramount Pictures and claimed that he will play the lead role in this film.
It was on March 14, 2019, Khan’s 54th birthday, that he announced the project, which has been named Laal Singh Chaddha, with his ex-wife Kiran Rao co-producing the film. With Khan’s Secret Superstar (2017) director Advait Chandan already attached to the project, the remake could get off to an exciting start in 2019.


It has been revealed that Kareena Kapoor will portray the female protagonist in June 2019, making this the third time the two actors have worked together after 3 Idiots and Talaash: The Answer Lies Within (2012).
Although he was initially signed in August of this year, Vijay Sethupathi pulled out because of other commitments. This post was offered to Yogi Babu in September of this year.  In November 2019, Khan’s 3 Idiots actor, Mona Singh, was cast in the important role as well. There were also rumours that Aamir Khan would be joined by Shah Rukh Khan and Salman Khan for a surprise appearance. For the younger version of his character in the film, Aamir Khan shed 20 pounds.  This will be the Bollywood debut of Naga Chaitanya, who will join the cast in May 2021.


Five days before the film’s principal photography scheduled to begin in October 2019, Khan and his crew went on-site scouting in Dharmasala, Nepal.

Filming for Laal Singh Chaddha is said to have taken place in more than a hundred different locations across the country.

In a mahurat shot offered by Khan’s mother Zeenat Hussain, the film’s primary photography began on 31 October 2019. Chandigarh, Punjab, hosted the first meeting, which began on November 1 and was concluded in just over a week. Stills from the sets of Khan and Kapoor were released online, and Khan’s beard and turban look became an internet sensation[39]. In Chandigarh on November 28, 2019, Aamir Khan and Kareena Kapoor shot a love number.

The second schedule began on December 5, 2019, in Kolkata.

The second week of December, Aamir Khan and his team headed to Kerala, where Khan’s images of filming in Thekkumbhagam, Changanassery, and Kappil became viral.

While filming in Jaisalmer, Goa, and Himachal Pradesh, Khan completed the second schedule on December 19 and began the third on December 21. On the 12th of February 2020, the third schedule was concluded, and Khan travelled to Chandigarh to begin their fourth schedule. We ended the production on March 6, 2020. Prior to filming being interrupted because to the COVID-19 pandemic in India, the cast and crew flew back on March 16th, 2020, to shoot in Punjab.

Due to the India-China stalemate in the Galway Valley, Aamir Khan cancelled his Ladakh programme in July 6.

When shooting in India became impossible, Aamir chose to resume the film’s production in Turkey, where he could conduct a pre-production survey of the new location.

Aamir Khan resumed filming in Mumbai on September 7th, 2020, following government-mandated safety precautions and rules.

Pictures of Aamir’s younger self went viral after he and his crew flew to Delhi to film on September 27th, 2020.

On October 7, 2020, the Hotel Centaur in Delhi hosted some of the filmings of several scenes. Until then, Kareena Kapoor will be done filming.

However, in order to keep the filming schedule on track, the actor took some painkillers and hoped to alleviate the pain for the time being, as he was aware that there had been special arrangements made for the shooting schedule. At one point during the filming of an essential running sequence, Aamir Khan was forced to run for hours on end.  Several scenes were filmed on October 28, 2020, in a sports centre in Noida.

Aamir Khan and his crew travelled to Ladakh in July 2021, where they spent a month filming battle scenes.

In the first week of August, the team arrived in Srinagar after completing its Ladakh agenda. Several locations in Srinagar were used for filming, including Delhi Public School Srinagar (DPS), Amar Singh College, and the Boulevard Road area near Dal Lake for several key scenes. A 12-year-old visually challenged student, Zainab Bilal aka RJ Zainab, interviewed Aamir Khan for the school’s in-house radio station, Radio DPS, while the filming was taking place on the campus of DPS in Delhi.  At the beginning of July 2021, Chaitanya began filming, and he was done by the end of August.

Filming resumed on September 13 in Mumbai for the film starring Amir Khan and Kareena Kapoor Khan. Patchwork was shot in Andheri, where the two had previously worked together on a segment of the film. [65] On the 16th of September, 2021, production came to an end.

Laal Singh Chaddha

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After Dhoom 3 (2013) and Dangal (2016), Pritam and Amitabh Bhattacharya collaborated again on the film’s soundtrack, with the lyrics written by Bhattacharya.

Pritam and lyricist Bhattacharya worked on the film’s score during a sitting conversation in Khan’s Panchgani House in August 2019. It was Kannan Mohan of the Agnee band who recorded the track that appears in the Laal Singh Chaddha trailer.

Last Thoughts-

The first release date for Laal Singh Chaddha was set for December 25, 2020, to coincide with the Christmas holiday.

COVID-19 epidemic in India forced the delay of the release date to December 24, 2021 – the same weekend as Christmas – due to a manufacturing halt. [73] It has been pushed out until 14 April 2022 for a cinema release.

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