The Wednesday Ending Explained: Who Is the Monster?

The Wednesday Ending Explained: In Netflix’s Wednesday, Wednesday Addams’ (Jenna Ortega) experience at Nevermore Academy was not what she had anticipated. She was drawn into the expanding mystery surrounding the killings of outcasts and normies in the neighborhood almost as soon as she stepped foot at the school, and she later came to the conclusion that only she could discover the truth.

The race to halt the monster, the little-known Hyde, got increasingly difficult for her since Principal Weems (Gwendoline Christie) and Sheriff Donovan (Jamie McShane), stood in her way, which served to increase the death toll.

The Wednesday Ending Explained

The last seconds of the seventh episode shake things up for our pitiful protagonist after weeks of failures and dead ends. Wednesday shows up to see Tyler (Hunter Doohan) in the neighborhood coffee shop, finally prepared to act on her developing feelings for him. The physical contact and the two’s kiss—which is Wednesday’s first kiss ever—cause Wednesday to have one of her visions.

She witnesses Hyde killing Dr. Kinbott before resuming his Tyler identity. A few days later, as Wednesday rushes out of the coffee shop and Tyler is left perplexed, the season finale picks up. She confronts him and presses him on when Dr. Kinbott let loose the monster inside him to serve her purposes. She also asks him how long he has known he is a Hyde.

When asked if she confronted him alone, Tyler pretended to be innocent and begged Wednesday to use common sense. No, she responds before Bianca (Joy Sunday) and a few of her new allies leave. Tyler is furious and asks to be let go as the mob encircles him. He is lulled into complacency by Bianca’s siren song while they chain him up in the campus shed. Bianca and the others are appalled and go to Principal Weems, who summons Tyler’s father after Wednesday and is ready to use torture to force Tyler to confess.

Just as Wednesday is about to hurt Tyler, the Sheriff stops her, takes her to arrest, and brings her to the neighborhood police station, but Wednesday escapes accusations of kidnapping. She can leave now. Weems has formally decided to evict her from Nevermore due to the number of problems she has caused there.

The Wednesday Ending Explained
The Wednesday Ending Explained

Tyler confronts Wednesday alone and confesses to everything before they leave the station to return to Nevermore. He kills with pleasure and almost tastes his victims’ scrumptious terror since he is Hyde. All of this has happened as part of his master’s plan, and he never had any genuine feelings for Wednesday.

Enid (Emma Meyers) cries as she assists her best friend in packing her things to leave Nevermore the following day. The two almost embrace, but Wednesday’s aversion to human contact prevails. Wednesday arranges for Weems to take her to the hospital before the train station when she learns that Eugene (Moosa Mostafa) has woken up following his life-threatening episode.

The red boots of the person who lit the cave on fire were illuminated by a bright light, which officially connected everything in Wednesday’s mind even if Eugene doesn’t remember much about the night of the fire. She is aware of Tyler’s boss.

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Wednesday returns to Nevermore instead of heading to the train station and finds Ms. Thornhill (Christina Ricci) tending to her plants while wearing her bright red boots. The missing daughter Laurel, who has been scheming to set up Wednesday all along, is revealed by Ms. Thornhill to be the brains behind all of Nevermore’s tragedy.

She is the one who used the memory of Tyler’s deceased mother, who was a Hyde herself and attended Nevermore before falling in love with the Sheriff, to force Tyler into becoming Hyde. She tries to order Tyler to take care of Wednesday as he enters the room, but he doesn’t pay attention. Could Wednesday’s power over him not be as great as his feelings for her?

Unfortunately, Tyler is really the shape-shifter Principal Weems who just heard Laurel’s entire confession. Weems is injected with nightshade poison by Laurel, who then kills her before Weems can intervene. Then, after hitting Wednesday in the head with a shovel, Laurel declares her dead.

Laurel leads Wednesday to Joseph Crackstone’s (William Houston) tomb, where her scheme is realized. She uses magic to bring Tyler back to life using Goodie Addams’ book of shadows and the broken parts of his victims. As he and Laurel travel to Nevermore to carry out Crackstone’s life’s work of eliminating outsiders from the world, he stabs Wednesday in the abdomen, leaving her to bleed to death in the crypt.

Wednesday is bleeding to death as she lies in the crypt and is visited by the ghost of her ancestor Goodie Addams. Wednesday is informed by Goodie that the only way to kill Crackstone is by puncturing his black heart. Wednesday is allowed to save Goodie, but doing so will result in Goodie’s permanent disappearance. So, Wednesday survives and makes her way into the woods to stop Crackstone before he can exact his revenge.

Sadly, Tyler discovers her first and changes. He leaps at Wednesday without hesitation to deal the fatal blow, but her freshly “wolfed out” companion Enid shields her (thanks to the blood moon). She now possesses the capability and might to combat Tyler. Tyler is utterly out of control, so it’s still insufficient, but Enid isn’t battling by herself.

Tyler’s father, the Sheriff, finally comes to terms with the person his son has become and shoots him before he can murder Enid. In the meantime, a bloodied Enid travels to Nevermore in search of Wednesday while Tyler is wounded, rendered unconscious, and transformed back into a human.

Wednesday shows up to face Crackstone as he launches his assault on Nevermore, and the anticipated match takes place. Wednesday uses a sword like her father, but because of Crackstone’s supernatural qualities, she is at a disadvantage.

In a moment of distraction, Wednesday calls for help from Xavier (Percy Hynes White), who throws an arrow at Crackstone. Crackstone merely twists the arrow around in flight and fires it back at Xavier. With her love for Xavier now evident, Wednesday takes the arrow to the shoulder to defend him and calls for him to leave the school.

After breaking Wednesday’s sword, Crackstone almost murders her again, but Bianca creates another diversion by stabbing Crackstone in the back. He throws her back, which gives Wednesday the chance to seize a fragment of her broken sword and stab it into his dark heart. Bianca and Wednesday exchange thank-you look as Crackstone disappears in a burst of flames.

After Wednesday and the other students have left the building, Enid, now covered in blood, runs into her closest friend and the two exchange long embraces of gratitude. After all of the deaths and destruction, Nevermore is shut down for the remainder of the semester, and the kids are sent home the following morning. Although not without a few suspenseful moments.

On her new cell phone, which Xavier gave her to stay in touch while they are apart, she receives a menacing text message, images of herself, and a threat that further danger will await her when she returns. Overall, the Wednesday season finale leaves open the possibility of continuing the Addams family saga. With Wednesday’s connections with Enid and Bianca having recently advanced, the introverted heroine will undoubtedly experience some growth in these relationships.

Her feelings for Tyler are no longer interfering with her relationship with Xavier. Additionally, the school needs a new principal, which will undoubtedly change things as Weems was the only one who truly cared about Nevermore. Additionally, Tyler and Laurel continue to be a menace, mainly because Tyler may have escaped from custody after changing. Wednesday’s entire debut season is currently available to stream on Netflix.

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