World Trigger Season 4 Release Date Status: When Will We Expect?

It is written and drawn by Daisuke Ashihara. Another planet opens up one day, and creatures called Neighbors come into the present day through the door. Special, secret Borders must defeat the Neighbors and protect civilians.

There is special technology called “Triggers” that border patrol uses to fight against the Neighbors, and it works. People in the city are used to fighting with each other, but now they fight all the time. Follow the adventures of Yuma Kuga, a neighbor who goes by the name of that. He is a member of the Border Patrol, so Osamu Mikumo wants to keep Yuma safe from the Border Patrol.

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As of 2014, there was an anime version of the game World Trigger. The first season: There were 73 episodes. For the second and third seasons, it has been brought back to life again. Season 2 had 12 episodes. A lot of people seem to like the show. It seems to be very popular in Japan. In a poll in Japan in January of 2021, World Trigger was named the 14th best manga of all time. Votes were cast by more than 150,000 people. Here are all the facts about the fourth season of World Trigger.

World Trigger Season 4 Plot

Mikado City residents have become accustomed to the occasional fights with their neighbors and have returned to their everyday routines, which is the focus of the story. The use of boundaries is becoming increasingly prevalent. On one occasion, Yma Kuga, a mysterious white-haired child, shows up at the local school to attend classes.

Kuga is one of Border’s most powerful humanoid Neighbors, and he does so in order to keep his true identity a secret. Osamu Mikumo, a fellow student at the university, is a C-class Border trainee, which is the highest level available. Because of Kuga’s complete lack of knowledge about city life, Mikumo’s task is to accompany him to Mikado City and keep him hidden from the Border Patrol.

World Trigger Season 4 Release Date

World Trigger Season 4 Release Date
World Trigger Season 4 Release Date

So far, there hasn’t been any news about the fourth season of the popular anime, World Trigger. Season 3 is coming to an end soon, so fans don’t have to be too worried about not knowing what’s going to happen next. Many fans of World Trigger are sure that the show will return for a fourth TV show in the not-too-distant future. Most anime shows are renewed based on popularity and the availability of source material, which World Trigger has.

Crunchyroll doesn’t release official viewing figures for the shows it simulcasts, but World Trigger has been popular with an international audience since it first aired on TV.

Fans of the World Trigger anime can expect to wait a long time for season 4, even though the show has a bright future in store for it. As we said before, season 3 is supposed to cover up to 22 of the manga. As of now, only 24 volumes have been released in Japan. Toei Animation’s production team will have to wait for more volumes to come out before making another season of animation.

Based on the manga’s current chapter count of 160, around 30 to 40 chapters are needed for a full anime season. Season 4 is set to cover 196. If volume 25 keeps going at its current pace in Japan, fans can expect enough source material to be available by Summer 2022. If you want to watch Season 4 of World Trigger on TV in October 2022 or January 2023, you’ll have to look for it then.

World Trigger Season 4 Trailer

Unfortunately, there is not an official trailer for season 4 we will update you when will it come till then watch the previous one:

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