Wisconsin News Anchor Sent Chilling Text To Fiance Before Suicide

According to a report, the Wisconsin news anchor who killed herself last month sent one last scary text to her fiancé before she shot herself in the house they had bought together a month earlier. A police report seen by the Daily Mail says that WAOW anchor Neena Pacholke killed herself on August 27, just 90 minutes after buying a handgun and bullets.

Before she pulled the trigger, the 27-year-old journalist texted her fiance Kyle Haase that she could no longer handle “this pain.” “I love you, Kyle. She sent him a text that said, “I always have and always will.” “No matter how much you hurt me, I never gave up hope. I’m so sorry to hurt you this way, but I can’t take any more pain.”

The Daily Mail said that Haase, who is 38, broke up with Pacholke seven weeks before their wedding. He and his children from a previous relationship were on their way to Minnesota to see his mother when he got the scary text.

Wisconsin News Anchor Suicide
Wisconsin News Anchor Suicide

He called 911 and asked for a welfare check at the home he shared with Pacholke, but by the time officers got there, Pacholke was already dead. A worried friend took all of the guns out of the house the day before, worried that Pacholke might hurt herself. The morning she shot herself, she went out and bought a gun.

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The police report says that when they got there, they found her dead in her bedroom from a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head. They also found a receipt from Zingers and Flingers for a 9mm handgun and a box of bullets.

Wisconsin News Anchor Suicide

Her phone history showed that she had looked up ways to kill herself on Google the night before. It also showed that she had sent her sister some very sad texts.

“[Hasse] told me he hates me and will feel like a million bucks once I’m out of his life,” she texted to her sister, adding that she was “broken.” Friends told the outlet that the couple’s two-year relationship was often rocky because they fought a lot and there were rumors that one of them was cheating. Hasse is said to have talked badly about his fiancee to other people, and Pacholke said she once found a strange pair of underwear in their home, they said.

They were going to get married in Mexico on October 12.

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