Xbox Has Revealed The October 2022 Games With Gold

The Xbox Games With Gold for the month of October 2022 have been announced, and they feature titles like “Windbound” and “Bomber Crew Deluxe Edition” from Microsoft. According to Xbox Wire, the shipwreck survival game Windbound will be the highlight of next month’s lineup. Finally, this month’s selections are rounded out by Bomber Crew Deluxe Edition, a strategic World War II bombing game that puts you in the cockpit.

Players with Xbox Live Gold or Xbox Game Pass Ultimate will have access to the two new Games With Gold throughout the month of October. Windbound, a cool shipwreck survival experience, will be the first event on October 1. Play as Kara, a survivor of a shipwreck who must make do with what she can find and construct in order to survive in Windbound, a survival game available on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S.

From now until October 31st, you can play Windbound and hone your survival skills by making your own weapons and tools and constructing a new boat to set sail for the Forbidden Islands. On October 16, roughly in the middle of the month, the Bomber Crew Deluxe Edition will be released.

For Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S, you can play a game called Strategic Bomber in which you lead bombing missions during World War II. In addition to choosing where to release your cargo, you’ll have to keep track of your fuel, ammunition and hydraulics while dodging enemy fire. The date you can get it on Games With Gold is November 15th.

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Nogmagazine gave Bomber Crew an 8/10, saying that despite the game’s “occasionally brutal difficulty of keeping your crew alive and trying to hit a target in real-time,” the game’s “charming style” more than makes up for it. Once you get into the swing of things, the repetitive nature of the upgrade cycle makes the occasional trial-and-error frustration worth it and it’s easy to lose track of time for hours at a time.

Xbox Has Revealed The October Games
Xbox Has Revealed The October Games

Since it was previously announced that Xbox 360 games would be removed from Xbox Games With Gold in October 2022, tomorrow, September 30, is your last chance to grab Portal 2. See what September brings to Xbox Game Pass.