Mexico issues first birth certificate for person of “non-binary gender”


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Fausto Martínez e ao lado, o espaço no documento com a indicação “NB”: metade dos estados mexicanos tem leis para “retificar” gênero, mas nunca uma certidão havia sido emitida para uma pessoa não binária

Fausto Martínez and to the side, the space in the document with the indication “NB”: half of the Mexican states have laws to “rectify” gender, but no certificate has ever been issued for a non-binary person| Photo: EFE/Reproduction/Twitter

The Civil Registry of the Mexican state of Guanajuato issued for the first time in the country’s history a birth certificate to a person with non-binary gender after a legal process.

Fausto Martínez, an activist from 19 years, obtained the certificate in which “NB ” (non-binary) now appears in the “sex” section.

The process started on the day 24 of September last year, when Fausto asked the National Institute Electoral Office (INE), which has a protocol for transgender people, a credential to vote with the specification “NB”.

The INE refused the request because there was no official document to corroborate this genre, which is why Fausto and the Amicus association obtained the protection of a ju iz granted in 02 of February.

In Mexico, where the Civil Registry is under local jurisdiction, about half of the 19 states have a gender identity law that allows trans people to rectify their gender in official documents.

In addition, the Supreme Court ruled in 2018 that “gender identity is a constitutive and constitutive element of people’s identity, which is why its recognition by the State is of vital importance.”

But this is the first time that a certificate has been issued in Mexico for a non-binary person, and this happened in Guanajuato, a state where there is no a law that recognizes gender identity.

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