Will There Be A Morbius 2

Morbius 2 Release Date: Will There Be A Sequel To This Movie?

Early box office signals aren’t as dismal as predicted, but a Morbius 2 is still not certain. The Spider-Man spinoff opened to a healthy $39.1 million in the United States and $84 million globally. It’s not as big as the box office for Spider-Man: No Way Home, but considering the negative reviews, it’s not awful and could indicate a desire for a sequel.

Despite the movie’s hints towards a sequel — and we’re not just talking about the possibility of a Spider-Man crossover — Morbius may tank in the coming weeks, so a sequel is by no means assured.

Here, therefore, is everything you need to know about a possible Morbius sequel, but be warned that there are substantial spoilers for the first game ahead.

Morbius 2 Release Date

Since Morbius 2 has not been officially announced, there is currently no set release window for the game. Beginning with Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse (Part One) on October 7, 2022, Sony has a jam-packed couple of years ahead for its Marvel projects. Kraven the Hunter, another Spider-Man spin-off, is scheduled to premiere on January 13, 2023.

Sony has two additional 2023 Marvel releases scheduled for June 23 and October 6. Our best guess is that the release date for Across the Spider-Verse (Part Two) will be October 6, 2023.

There is a chance that June of 2023 could be the release date for Morbius 2, provided that work gets underway swiftly this year. Although a Spider-Woman movie starring Olivia Wilde is rumored to be in the works, we believe a film starring Madame Web or another female web-slinger is more plausible. If Morbius 2 is officially announced, we won’t see it until at least 2024.

Morbius 2 Cast

No formal casting announcements have been made for Morbius 2, but we can assume Jared Leto will reprise his role as Dr. Michael Morbius. He’ll probably be accompanied by Adria Arjona, who plays vampire Martine Bancroft (more on that in a bit). Both Milo (Matt Smith) and Dr. Nicholas (Jared Harris) are murdered off in a believable manner in Morbius. Thus, they won’t be back.

Since Tyrese Gibson’s Simon Stroud is a recurring villain in the comics, he and Al Madrigal’s Alberto Rodriguez, who plays Stroud’s FBI sidekick, are likely to return. Gibson claims to have a three-movie deal, which means Stroud may also appear in other films.

 Morbius 2 Cast
Morbius 2 Cast

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If Michael Keaton’s Adrian Toomes doesn’t be teleported back to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, he’ll be back for Morbius 2. He appeared in the film’s credit scenes. Toomes suggests that he and Morbius work together, which creates opportunities for the Sinister Six.

Is it possible that Tom Hardy’s Venom or Tom Holland‘s Spider-Man would appear in a sequel alongside Morbius? It’s anyone’s guess what will occur.

Fans have speculated that Andrew Garfield’s Spider-Man could exist in this universe, but director Daniel Espinosa has been tight-lipped on the subject. Because “if I say anything, it will force people at Sony to commit to something, and they would rather have me dead than do that,” he joked to IGN. I’m advocating for the inclusion of “my thoughts and opinions,” which are based on real experiences, in the film.

He’s confirmed the existence of Spider-Man in this realm, and because Tom Holland’s Spidey is still active in the MCU, it could be anyone.

Morbius 2 Plot

Morbius 2 might pick up important plot strands such as Martine Bancroft’s ‘death’ and the Sinister Six tease from Vulture. First, let’s talk about Martine. Milo kidnaps Martine to provoke a fight with Morbius, and then, right before Morbius arrives, he kills her and leaves her body for Morbius to discover.

By drinking from Martine, Morbius gives her death “meaning,” and we might infer that she has died. We then flashback to the rooftop where Martine’s body is lying after Morbius had killed Milo with the antibodies he developed. Comics fans know that Martine goes through this change, becoming both a “living vampire” like Morbius and a “True Vampire” in the mold of more classic vampires.

Even if the couple manages to survive Martine’s transformation into a vampire, their relationship is doomed because, in the comics, Martine tragically dies when Morbius is forced to kill her to prevent her from biting Spider-Man. Arjona is curious to see where her role takes her, but she can’t predict the future.

She told The Hollywood Reporter, “Now that she has turned, I want to discover if she moves more towards good or bad. Or does she have difficulties finding the medium ground? What happens to her?”

Instead of being a literal adaptation of any one comic, the first film just used the source material as inspiration. We anticipate the story will again draw from the comics for inspiration if a sequel is made, but it will be wholly original otherwise. Here we get to the second crucial question that has been left unanswered. In the closing credits, Vulture says to Morbius, “A bunch of us guys should team together.” He suggests that the Sinister Six “do some good,” but we think he has more nefarious intentions.

No other well-known villains or antiheroes, such as Tom Hardy’s Venom or Michael Mando’s Scorpion, make an appearance in Morbius. This implies that the identities of the supervillains in this realm remain a mystery. Now that Morbius has been established and Kraven the Hunter will soon have his film, fans should anticipate even more crossovers in a future Morbius sequel. Instead of being a direct sequel to Morbius, it may end up being more of a team-up film in the vein of Captain America: Civil War.

Espinosa suggested to Variety that Sony may launch a new take on the Sinister Six by pairing Morbius with Norman Osborn. After a long production run, “there are other options,” he said. And the realization that it doesn’t have to start just like the comics started was what Kevin Feige made so unique. They took many of the mythologies and chose different pieces of them.

Morbius 2 Trailer

A sequel to Morbius has not been officially announced. Therefore, production on it has not begun and fresh footage is likely still quite some time away.


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