When iPhone 14 And Apple Watch Users Ride Roller Coasters 911 Is Dialed

As for iOS 14 and the Apple Watch, Apple has included a new feature called crash detection. Its primary function is to alert authorities whenever a user experiences a crash. But there are times when it seems to be too hasty with its responses. According to a WSJ and Coaster101 article, users who go on roller coasters are being called by 911 thanks to crash detection.

In theory, Apple’s new crash detection feature should only activate in truly life-threatening circumstances. However, it also appears to activate during roller coaster rides. The new iPhone 14 and Apple Watches are equipped with a feature designed to detect catastrophic car accidents and direct users to emergency services.

 iPhone 14 And Apple Watch Users Ride Roller Coasters
iPhone 14 And Apple Watch Users Ride Roller Coasters

However, the Wall Street Journal and theme park news website Coaster101 report that it has been confusing roller coaster rides for crashes. Dentist Sara White, 39, told the Journal that when she rode Mystic Timbers, a roller coaster at Kings Island amusement park in Ohio, the ride triggered an automatic 911 call. Mystic Timbers is 109 feet tall. Up to 53 miles per hour, the ride will take you.

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In the 911 call, an automated voice informs dispatchers that “the owner of this iPhone was in a severe car crash and is not responding to their phone” and gives the location of the crash in latitude and longitude. In the background of the call are the screams of the other passengers.

According to a 911 call cited by the Journal, emergency crews arrived at the park but found no evidence of the incident. The Journal was given six recordings of similar false crash detection calls received by the Warren County Communications Center, all of which were triggered by rides at Kings Island.

iPhone 14 And Apple Watch Users Ride Roller Coasters

According to the Journal, Apple’s spokesperson said the feature is “extremely accurate in detecting severe crashes” and will get even better over time. The problem isn’t confined to Kings Island. According to reports, two of Dollywood’s fastest rides now have warning signs.

It’s forbidden to bring electronic devices like cell phones onto rides, the signs read. “The ride’s dynamic motion could trigger the emergency call feature on Apple Watches and similar devices. Please power down or put your phone into airplane mode to avoid making any accidental calls to 911.”

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