WhatsApp Introduces A Significant Privacy Update For Android Users

A new privacy option is now available in WhatsApp. One of the most significant changes to the messenger app is the option to conceal your online status in conversations. The Signal app already includes this crucial privacy feature.

WhatsApp still lacks some privacy features, such as the ability to block screenshots and an anonymous keyboard. However, it is gradually integrating it into its messaging app to provide users with greater flexibility and privacy settings.


It’s now possible to hide your online status and app usage from your WhatsApp contacts by going to the settings menu. If you don’t want your friends to see when you’re online, turn off the Online Status feature for them. Similar to the Last Seen function, this is where you’ll find the most recent information.

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However, this feature, like all others is not without its drawbacks. WhatsApp’s newest privacy update makes it harder to tell if you’ve been blocked. It can be difficult to tell if someone is blocked if they have hidden their Online, Profile Photo and Status from view in the Privacy settings of the app.

There is now only one way for users to see if they have been blocked. If the chat indicates that your message was received and you are not blocked, you will see two checkmarks. The problem is that WhatsApp requires an active internet connection to function properly and the person’s internet connection might not be on.


If the sender’s mobile data is turned off, the recipient will not receive the message and the chat will only show one check mark. When the receiver turns on their internet connection, the chat will show two check marks if the person has not blocked you.

The new WhatsApp function has been released and is available for use. Learn all the ins and outs of keeping your online identity a secret by reading this comprehensive guide.

How Do I Hide My WhatsApp Online Status?

  • First, launch WhatsApp by touching the app’s icon (three dots) in the upper right corner.
  • Proceed to Step 2 by selecting Settings > Account > Privacy.
  • Third, click the link labeled “Last Seen and Online.” It’s as simple as tapping the icon and choosing the “Nobody” and “Same as last seen” options. Selecting the option that says “Nobody” will make your online status invisible to everyone. If you select the “My Contacts” option only those people you’ve approved will be able to see your online status.

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