What Do Technology Jobs Pay: IT Career Prospects

Anyone who doesn’t take part in the digital transformation of today is falling behind. This is why some of the best paying jobs are in the IT industry, which is very competitive. So, how much do tech jobs pay?

The average salary for an IT job is almost twice as much as the average salary for several other jobs. And if that wasn’t enough, the latest report from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that there are more and more good jobs in information technology, where employment is expected to grow by 11% between 2019 and 2029. Those who like technology will find it hard to turn down high-paying IT tech jobs.

Five Tech Jobs That Pay The Most

IT has been a growing industry for decades, and in today’s economy, it can lead to some of the best-paying jobs. But that doesn’t mean that every IT job is the same. Some are better than others, especially when it comes to paying.

Our thorough research into the current jobs in IT and their average salaries will give you all the information you need to choose the best-paying IT job after you graduate. Of course, that doesn’t mean you’ll be able to start working as an IT manager as soon as you graduate. For the best-paying tech jobs, you need to take more classes, get more training, and have at least a few years of experience in the field. Some of the most common IT jobs are listed below:

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Data Engineer

Companies are investing more and more in people who can design and build systems for collecting, storing, and analyzing data in this age of “big data.” Today, a data engineer can work in almost any industry. With a median salary of $155,500, this is the best-paying job. Many people start in this field with a bachelor’s degree in computer science and a deep understanding of coding, ETL systems, data storage, automation and scripting, big data tools, and data security.

Data engineer
Data Engineer

To get the best paying IT job, many people get certified to prove to potential employers that they have the right skills. Whether you just finished school or are looking for a new job, you will need to start with an entry-level position and learn new skills before you can move up the ladder to more advanced roles. It’s important to say that this job isn’t for you if you don’t like working in teams and talking to people in different departments.

Computer And Information Systems Manager

This is a managerial IT job that focuses on planning and directing research and making it easier for companies to do things that have to do with technology. With a median salary of $142,530, computer managers or IT project managers have some of the best-paid IT jobs.

Employers usually look for people with a bachelor’s degree in technology to fill this position. They also need to know how database development, programming, and network configuration work at all stages and have the right skills to organize different teams and departments. Their job is to give out tasks, make short-term and long-term plans, and make sure that each team member’s needs are met.

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Computer And Information Research Scientist

The average pay for this type of computer information technology job is $118,370. At the time we wrote our guide, there were more than 31,500 job openings for computer and information research scientists. Sounds like a good chance to get a steady job that pays well. So, what are a computer and information research scientist’s most important jobs?

Computer And Information Research Scientist

In this job, you come up with new technologies, design them, and find new ways to use the ones you already have. Many people in this job work for the government. They try to solve hard computational problems and come up with new ways to use technology in medicine, science, and business.

Computer Hardware Engineer

Hardware engineering is the next job on our list of the best-paying IT jobs. The information technology salary for this job is about $114,600. Unlike the other computer-related jobs mentioned, a computer hardware engineer works directly on developing hardware components like processors, memory chips, routers, etc.

Hardware engineers don’t make software or apps, but they use those things to test how the hardware works. The goal is to improve computer hardware so that new computer technology can move forward.

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Computer Network Architect

A computer network architect has one of the best-paying IT jobs right now. If you choose this path, your main responsibilities will be to design and maintain different data communication networks for your business. This means taking care of both local and wide area networks, as well as intranets.

As with other tech jobs, you need a bachelor’s degree in computer science or information technology systems to become a computer network architect. But you’ll still need to learn other things after you finish school to understand how network architecture works.

When it comes to IT jobs, this is one of the best-paying ones. The average wage is $109,000.

Highest Paying Computer Jobs For An Entry-Level Position

You might not get your dream job right after you graduate, but the good news is that the IT field gives you many options and lets you move up quickly. But first, you need to get a job at the bottom of the ladder. For the first job in technology, there are many options. We’ll highlight some of the best ways to get into this niche and make a good living at it.

Computer Support Specialist

If you like computers and want to help people, you might be good at being a customer support specialist. This job requires a bachelor’s or associate’s degree, just like many other entry-level computer science jobs. Even if a candidate doesn’t have a degree, some companies may hire them if they have good communication skills.

computer support specialist

As a computer support specialist, your job is to help computer users with things like problems logging in, problems with the operating system or software, and problems with the hardware. The average wage for this kind of job is $52,270.

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Web Developers

Web developers make websites and make sure they look good. Usually, this is done in a series of steps that include coding and coming up with new designs. Web designers are also in charge of finding bugs and getting rid of them.

Beginners in this job field can expect to make an average of $69,430 per year in computer technology salaries. You also need an associate’s degree.

Computer Programmer

Programmers write and test the codes that makeup software. They design and update software apps to make them more useful. Developers and computer programmers work together to make programs. They also need to know how to code in C++, Java, and other languages. For this job, you need a bachelor’s degree in computer science. The average income is $84,280.

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