Netflix Officially Canceled Boo, Bitch Season 2

There are so many famous shows in this genre, and networks and streaming services continue to offer a wide range of sitcoms.

To stand out, you might need to do something different. In this way, Boo, Bitch is an admirable piece of work. The show was made by Tim Schauer, Kuba Soltysiak, Erin Ehrlich, and Lauren Iungerich. In it, Lana Condor plays Erika Vu, a senior who becomes a ghost after getting into an accident with a moose.

Audiences will find a lot to like in this show. The cast is full of energy and does great things with the material.

After the eighth episode, fans will want more to eat. Is Boo, Bitch getting a second season? Is the show Boo, Bitch over?

Is Boo, Bitch Season 2 Canceled?

No, Boo, Bitch is not coming back for a second season, and Netflix has always called it a miniseries. Given this, there’s no reason to think that the streaming service will bring back this strange American comedy for more episodes.

Even though Boo, Bitch was made with only one season in mind, it’s unlikely that it will be renewed like Big Little Lies and other one-season shows. With the eighth episode, “Bitch, Bye,” that’s it. On July 8, 2022, all eight episodes were released on the platform, allowing viewers to watch them all in one go before the show ended.

It looks like the only thing left to do is go back. Watch again, anyone?

If not, Netflix suggests a number of similar titles, such as Social Distance, Emily in Paris, Sex Education, Jane the Virgin, King of Stonks, Gentefied, and Feel Good.

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Boo, Bitch Netflix’s Trailer

What we know about season 2 so far

Since Netflix hasn’t approved a second season yet, we don’t know much about it.

But if the big streaming services renew it, this could go in a few different directions. Erika could also die, or Mia could come back in some crazy way to get into more trouble together.

Even though there are a lot of different ideas, the ending is pretty final, so we think there won’t be a second season. We will try to update this page when we have more information!


Fans Want More

Even though we have a miniseries, viewers still want to see their favorite characters return.

The show became very popular quickly and is now in the Top 10 TV shows on Netflix. Quite a few fans have already said on Twitter that they want and hope for another round.

Take a look at some tweets:

Where To Watch Boo, Bitch?

Boo, Bitch is only available to watch on Netflix.

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