Stranger Things Season 5 Is Inspired by Season 2 Say Duffer Brothers

Stranger Things just-finished Season 4 earlier this year, but the wait for the fifth and final season has already started, and excitement is at an all-time high. After the title of the first episode of Season 5 was made public, the show’s creators, The Duffer Bros., gave more information about how they plan to end the show.

The Duffer brothers told Netflix, through their Tudum site, that after the massive success of Season 1, a cultural landmark, they had to build outwards and build up the world, the mythology, and the endgame for Hawkins, Indiana.

What Ross Dffer Said?

Ross Duffer said, “The success of Season 1 scared us, and we knew we had to build a bigger world because this was going to go on.” “That meant that to prepare for Stranger Things Season 2, the writers’ room had to write down every idea they could think of on a whiteboard. But there were [five times] or [ten times] more ideas than we needed. A lot of the big ideas from Season 2 are being used in Season 5… Many of the big things in our ending came from things we thought would be in Season 2.”

Stranger Things Season 5 Is Inspired by Season 2
Stranger Things Season 5 Is Inspired by Season 2

Fans of the show will remember that Season 2 was about Will Byers (Noah Schapp), how he got better after being in the Upside Down for a long time, and how he was connected to the Mind Flayer. It also went into more detail about Eleven’s (Millie Bobby Brown) past at Hawkins Laboratory, which became a big part of Stranger Things Season 4. That included her relationship with Henry Creel (Jamie Campbell Bower), whom she sent into the Upside Down in a scary display of power, turning him into the scary Vecna who scared Hawkins.

In Dungeons & Dragons terms, Vecna is still “on the board” as the show heads into its last season, which will see the Upside Down start to seep into Hawkins. Fans who thought Will didn’t get enough attention as a character will be glad to see that the last season will be all about him. After COVID forced production delays on Season 4, the Duffer brothers changed their original plan and could plan Season 5 before Season 4 came out.

After taking a second look at things, they told Netflix, which owns the show, about their new idea for how it should end. “We reread it,” Matt Duffer said. “We were like, ‘That’s cool, that’s cool. This could be done much better. This could be done much better. Even the ending has changed a little bit. Many big ideas are the same, but what goes on inside is very different.”

Stranger Things will start filming its fifth and final season in 2023, but we don’t know when it will come out.  Stay connected to our site Nog for related updates.