Stranger Things Season 5 Release Date: When Will It Come Out On Netflix?

Even Stranger Things has to end at some point. The hit Netflix sci-fi thriller, which debuted in the summer of 2016, will end with its fifth season, which doesn’t have a release date yet. Matt and Ross Duffer, who made the show, told fans about the news in a letter on February 17.

They wrote, “Seven years ago, we planned out the whole plot of Stranger Things.” “At the time, we thought the story would go on for four or five seasons. It was too big to tell in four parts, but as you’ll soon see, we’re hurtling toward the end. Season 4 will be the second-to-last, and season 5 will be the final one.”

Now that season 4 of Stranger Things is over (with a very action-packed finale), it’s time to wait for the next and final chapter. So far, here’s what we know

Stranger Things Season 5 Release Date

It’s too early to tell, but we can look at what happened in previous seasons for clues. The Duffer brothers say in their letter that the fourth season took almost two years to make. It came out in two parts on May 27 and July 1. Even though it took a long time to film ST4 during the height of the pandemic and lockdown, it will probably take a long time to make a big finale season. We probably won’t see Stranger things season 5 until late 2023 or even well into 2024.

David Harbour almost proved this theory to be true. “Next year, I think we’ll shoot. They’re finishing writing it this year, and they need to get ready and stuff, so hopefully, it’ll be this year,” he told GQ. “But that seems to be the plan. Based on what we’ve done before, it’s likely to come out around the middle of 2024.”

What Will Happen In The Last Season?

How do you sum up this epic story that spans dimensions and goes far beyond Hawkins, Indiana? The Duffers have a plan, but we don’t yet know what it is. One thing is certain, though: There will be tears.

Ross Duffer told The Wrap in May 2022, “We do have a plan for season 5, and we pitched it to Netflix, and they liked it a lot.” “Well, it was tough. The story has come to an end. I saw business leaders cry who I had never seen cry before, and it was crazy.

Hopper’s actor, David Harbour, had already told Variety that he knew how Season 5 would end and found it “quite moving and quite beautiful.”

In their February letter to fans, the Duffer Brothers said, “There are still many more exciting stories to tell in the Stranger Things world, including new mysteries, new adventures, and new heroes who come out of nowhere.” Could that lead to a separate show? “But first, we hope you’ll stay with us as we finish this story about a strong girl named Eleven and her brave friends, a broken police chief and a fierce mom, a small town called Hawkins and an alternate dimension called the Upside Down. As always, we appreciate your support and patience.”

The two people in charge of the show also said there would be no “reset” before season 5. Matt Duffer said on Empire, “Usually at the end of a season, we wrap things up with a nice bow before a little tease that says, “Hold on, something is coming apart.” As season 5 starts, we won’t have to do that anymore. We won’t start over from where we are at the end of this season.” And the Duffer brothers kept their promise: Season 4 ends with a cliffhanger, as the Hawkins crew gets ready for one last battle with the Upside Down.

Will Byers can finally be expected to come out of the closet. “It’s 100% clear that he’s gay and that he loves Mike,” actor Noah Schnapp told Variety. “There are so many different things they have to deal with.” We hope for a coming-out scene, and I also want them to talk about this connection to the Mind Flayer and how it fits into the world. I’ve always wondered why Will was the first person to be killed and the first person to be caught.

Vecna might not be gone for good, either. Jamie Campbell Bower told NME, “I don’t think he’s gone off to be miserable and lick his wounds. He’s putting things back together, and he wants blood.” So that in season 5, he could be stronger than ever.

How Many Episodes Will There Be?

The Stranger Things writers gave a hint that there will be eight episodes when they tweeted a picture of a whiteboard with eight columns labeled with the numbers 1 through 8. This information was taken from Twitter. On their website, you might find the same information in a different format, or you might find more information.

Except for the finale, the episodes are likely to be shorter than they were in Season 4.

“The only reason we don’t think it will be as long is that, if you look at this season [season 4], it takes almost two hours for our kids to really get involved in a supernatural mystery. You get to know them and see how they live. They are having trouble adjusting to high school and other things, and Steve is trying to find a date, among other things. According to Deadline, Matt Duffer said on the Happy Sad Confused podcast that none of that will happen in season 5. “We’re more likely to do what we did here, which is just have a 2.5-hour episode” for the series finale, he said.

When will season 5 be set?

If that’s what you’re hoping for, it probably won’t happen right after the events of season 4. “I’m sure we’ll do a time jump,” Ross Duffer told TVLine. This makes sense since our main actors are growing up so quickly. Ross added, “In an ideal world, we would have shot [seasons 4 and 5] right after each other, but that just wasn’t possible.”

He went on to say, “These are all things we’ll talk about with our writers when we open up the room.” This means that the season wasn’t finished being written when the June 7 interview took place. It’s time to wait!

Is Stranger Things season 5 filming yet?

We aren’t there yet, but we will be. The writers tweeted on August 2 that it was the first day of the fifth season’s writers’ room, so it will be a while before the cameras start rolling. Even so, the small change made fans happy.

This information was taken from Twitter. On their website, you might find the same information in a different format, or you might find more information.

Will there be a spin-off of Stranger Things?

Yes. Just that we don’t know yet what it will be about. (Though Finn Wolfhard seems to have figured it out already.)

Ross Duffer told Variety, “There’s a version of it going on at the same time as season 5, but they would never shoot it at the same time.” “I think Matt and I are going to start looking into that as soon as we’re done with these visual effects and wrapping up the rest of the work.” Matt Duffer added, “It will be different from what anyone, including Netflix, is expecting.” Intriguing indeed.

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