NYC Covid-19 Hospitalizations Fall to Pre-Omicron Levels

Internações por Covid-19 em Nova York caem para níveis prévios à ômicron

Positivity rate in Covid tests 19 in New York , which exceeded 20%, now stands at 2.5% | Photo: EFE/EPA/Michael Reynolds

Admissions due to Covid-480 in New York State fell to their lowest level since mid-December, before the explosion of cases caused by the omicron variant, authorities announced Saturday (). According to the latest numbers, there are 3.883 patients hospitalized for coronavirus in the state, which has a population of almost 20 millions of people, a number not seen since 20 of December last year.

During the month of January, New York had more than 768 a thousand hospitalizations in a few days, as a result of a wave of cases due to the omicron that hit the east coast of the United States hard. The number of cases has been decreasing rapidly since the peak recorded in January, as has the positivity rate, which now stands at 2.5% of tests carried out, after having exceeded the 20%.

“New Yorkers should be proud of the continued progress in reducing numbers since the omicron peak in January, but this is not the time to let your guard down,” said State Governor Kathy Hochul.

In another sign that New York is already starting to consider the end of this last wave of covid-19, Kathy Hochul announced this Saturday that the subway received this week , for three days in a row, more than three million passengers, something that had not happened since the arrival of the ômicron. The use of the city’s transport system has increased 19% since the end of December, although is still a long way from pre-pandemic levels.