Soulframe Release Date: A Sneak Peek Into The Excitement of Gameplay!

If you can believe it, Soulframe is a brand-new video game being developed by Digital Extremes, the team behind Warframe. Yes, the team behind the enduringly popular action RPG MMO is working on a new title. There is more to anticipate because the creator describes this new game as a parallel experience rather than a direct sequel.

Warframe is one of the best PS5 and Xbox games currently available, so it makes sense that there is a lot of buzz around Soulframe. Here is when you can anticipate playing the upcoming game if you’re expecting to do so soon.

Soulframe Release Date

The Soulframe release date is anticipated to occur in the latter half of 2024. On Twitter, game director Steve Sinclair stated that the RPG’s closed alpha would ideally start in 2023, making a late 2024 release date likely.

In July 2022, it was made official that Rebecca Ford would take over as Creative Director of Warframe in Steve Sinclair’s absence as he relocated to begin work on the recently revealed Soulframe. Since then, the Warframe dev stream 169 has also provided us with some Soulframe gameplay. Even while this video is obviously still in its early stages, it seems to show that Soulframe’s development is moving along steadily.

Below is a video of Soulframe in action:

Soulframe Gameplay

Contrasting sharply with the action-packed gameplay of Warframe is Soulframe. The team decided to deliberately slow down the action and give you more time to consider each move rather than opting for lightning-fast action. There is a lot of ducking and parrying, but there are also a ton of other combat techniques.

In the Tennocon 2023 demo, when our protagonist swings their sword against an adversary, it flies back at them like a boomerang. Three separate skill trees (Courage, Grace, Spirit) also give you the option to use nature-based magic or become more tanky and agile. Along with the typical fireballs and earth-shattering earthquakes, there are spells that seem to turn foes to stone.

You can also take advantage of the surroundings by launching foes off cliffs and into deep crevasses. If that still doesn’t satisfy you, you can also conjure a monstrous wolf that rips your adversaries apart. Oh, and by the way, you can ride the wolf, so there’s that.

You’ll come across Wandering Souls as you explore these areas; these spirits are basically a fourth spell slot that you can equip with their qualities. These may offer battle advantages like burning weapons or aid in dungeon exploration by revealing new doors and passageways.

However, one of my favourite aspects is the ability to communicate with others by making music on what seems to be a panpipe. You’ll be able to see echoes of earlier eras by playing specific notes, giving you an understanding of how the world was.

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Soulframe Trailer

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