Pokemon Scarlet and Violet: All Weather Types And Effects

The weather has been a big part of the Pokemon series for a long time, and the Generation IX games Scarlet and Violet are no different. Some of these effects are bonuses in the battle for certain moves. But some Pocket Monsters can also change when the weather is right.

If you are a new player or haven’t played in a long time, you might want to check out the weather effects in Scarlet and Violet. Even though you can now see how the weather is affecting the game through the menus, these two Pokemon games don’t go into detail about what each type means.

In Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, it’s best to know everything that can happen when the weather changes. Players might not know when it will be useful.

Heavy Rain, Snow, and Other Weather Conditions and How They Affect Scarlet and Violet

Harsh Sunlight doesn’t come from the sky very often in Paldea. Trainers can use Pokemon with the abilities Drought or Orichalcum Pulse or with the move Sunny Day to turn it on.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet All Weather Types And Effects
Pokemon Scarlet and Violet All Weather Types And Effects (Source)

In Paldea, only the legendary creature Koraidon has the power of Orichalcum Pulse, but many different species can have the power of Drought. Even so, there are more than a few things that can happen when the sun is too bright outside:

  • Fire-type moves are boosted in power.
  • Water-type moves are diminished in power.
  • Moves like Solar Beam or Solar Blade no longer need to charge before being used.
  • Certain healing moves like Synthesis or Morning Sun restore more health.
  • Moves like Thunder or Hurricane have diminished accuracy.
  • Orichalcum Pulse will increase Koraidon’s attack stat.
  • Pokemon with the Chlorophyll ability will receive a speed boost.
  • Creatures with the Solar Power ability will gain a special attack boost but lose some health.
  • Species with Dry Skin ability will lose health.
  • Pocket Monsters with the ability Leaf Guard gain immunity to all status conditions.

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Heavy Rain

In Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, heavy rain is probably the most common weather players will see. It can happen in a lot of places in the area.

During a player’s adventure, they should remember that picnics can’t be set up when it’s raining. But rain isn’t always bad because it has a lot of benefits for some species:

  • If Sliggoo levels up to level 50 or beyond in the rain, it can evolve into Goodra.
  • Water-type attacks have their damage boosted.
  • Fire-type attacks’ damage is reduced.
  • Sunlight-dependent attacks like Solar Beam require an extra turn to charge.
  • Moves like Synthesis or Morning Sun heal less HP.
  • Thunder and Hurricane no longer rely on accuracy to hit.
  • Species with the ability Swift Swim gain a boost to their speed.
  • Creatures with abilities like Dry Skin regain HP.
  • Any Pokemon with the ability of Hydration will cure itself of status conditions


Sandstorms often happen in the deserts of Paldea, and they can be dangerous for many species. But, depending on their kind and what they can do, some species can benefit from a good sandstorm.

When used wisely in battle, a sandstorm can be a real pain for an opponent and help the player. When the sand starts flying, players should be aware of the following effects:

  • Sandstorms can’t hurt Pokemon with the types of Ground, Rock, or Steel.
  • During sandstorms, the special defense of species that are made of rock is boosted.
  • Sun-based healing moves like Synthesis don’t heal as much HP as Shore Up.
  • Solar Beams do less damage.
  • With the ability of Sand Force, moves of the same type do more damage to Rock, Steel, and Ground creatures.
  • The speed of creatures with the Sand Rush ability goes up.
  • Species that have the ability to Sand Veil can hide better.

Sandstorms can happen naturally, or players can use moves like Sandstorm or the ability Soundstream to make them happen.


When players go to the northern parts of Paldea, such as the Glaseado Mountains, they will find a lot of snowy, stormy weather. But this isn’t always bad, since snow can help some Pokemon and hurt others.

Snowfall won’t hurt Pocket Monsters as hail did in earlier games in the series. Instead, the following things happen:

  • The defense stat of ice-type species is raised.
  • Blizzard gets around this problem.
  • Sun-based healing moves don’t work as well.
  • In battle, species with the move Ice Body will get more HP every time it’s their turn.
  • The speed stat of creatures with the ability Slush Rush will go up.
  • If a Pocket Monster has the ability to Snow Cloak, it will be better at getting away from attacks.

Remember that players can also find snow by using moves like Snowscape and Chilly Reception or by using a Pocket Monster with the ability Snow Warning.

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