The Biggest Anime Coming In 2023

2023 is almost here, which means we can look forward to another great year of anime. From new adaptations to the return of popular shows, we’ll have a lot to do all year long.

Here are the anime we most want to see in 2023, in no particular order.

Solo Leveling

Solo Leveling, a very popular webcomic, is being turned into an anime, and it will start sometime in 2023. In the show, Jinwoo, a weak hunter, has to protect people from the monsters that are taking over the world. He is chosen by an unknown force that gives him all-powerful strength and changes his life.

Solo Leveling
Solo Leveling (Source)

This movie will be made by A-1 Pictures, the company that made Erased and Sword Art Online. The original illustrator, DUBU, died earlier this year, right after the anime was announced. With a good team working on this project, we think fans will like what they see when they see his work on the screen for the first time.

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Jujutsu Kaisen Season 2

Studio Mappa’s dark shounen action in Jujutsu Kaisen made it a big hit with mainstream anime fans in 2020. The main things in the world of Jujutsu Kaisen (JJK) are Cursed Energy, which is a supernatural power, and Curses, which are supernatural beings that are born from it. Jujutsu Sorcerers are special people who can use energy that has been cursed to fight Curses that want to hurt people. Our main character, Yuta Itadori, is a kind-hearted shounen hero who accidentally becomes the body host of one of the most powerful and dangerous Curses ever. This makes him a Jujutsu Sorcerer, which he doesn’t want to be.

The “Kaigyoku/Gyokusetsu” and “Shibuya Incident” story arcs from the manga will likely be adapted for Season 2 of JJK. Season 2 of Jujutsu Kaisen will come out sometime in 2023. It should be available on Crunchyroll and maybe other platforms in the U.S. On Crunchyroll, you can now watch Season 1 and the movie Jujutsu Kaisen 0 from the theatre.

Attack On Titan: The Final Season Part 3

In the entertainment world of today, nothing is safe from being turned into a trilogy. Not even the final season of Attack on Titan, which will show Part 3 of the much-anticipated ending in 2023.

Attack On Titan The Final Season Part 3 (Source)

After Eren Yeager went from being a revenge-driven protagonist to a genocidal maniac, Armin, Mikasa, and an unlikely group of heroes are left to do whatever it takes to bring Eren back to Earth. Or their once-loved friend might be gone forever, and the world might go with him or her. Since the first episode of the show came out in 2013, we can’t wait for this ten-year journey to finally end.

Vinland Saga Season 2

Studio WIT has now given this epic Viking saga to Studio MAPPA to animate. This is similar to how Attack on Titan was made. Thorfinn’s character seems to be going through a lot of changes in Season 2. He went from being a very sad and angry child to a lost teenager who doesn’t know what to do with their life. Even though there aren’t many details right now, the first two official trailers for Vinland Saga Season 2 show that a few new friends will be very important to Thorsfinn’s trials and tribulations in the coming episodes. We’re interested to see how far Thorsfinn will go on his journey. There are clear signs that the legendary Vinland is also on the horizon. Mark your calendars, because Season 2 of Vinland Saga will start on January 9, 2023. This season will have 24 episodes.

The second season of Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation

Studio Bind is back to make the second season of the anime Mushoki Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation, which was a big hit the first time around. The story keeps going with a 34-year-old Japanese man named Rudeus Greyrat who was born again in a different world. Rudeus is now a teen in Season 2, and he goes to school at the Ranoa University of Magic. As he comes to terms with his loss and learns more about the world he now lives in, fans can expect to see some familiar faces and a significant turning point in the series.

The first season of Jobless Reincarnation was a big hit, and many people liked how it was so different from other isekai shows. Manabu Okamoto, who has worked on shows like Darling in the Franxx, Akame ga Kill!, and Re: Zero, Starting Life in Another World, will be the principal director for Season 2. Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation Season 2 will come out sometime in 2023, but there is no date set yet.

Nier: Automata Ver1.1a

NieR: Automata, a popular action role-playing game from 2017, is finally getting an anime version. The series will be animated by A-1 Pictures, which is known for Sword Art Online and 86. It will be set in the same wartime as the game, where man-made androids fight against machines made by aliens.

Nier Automata Ver1.1a

Even though not much is known about the show, it is known that Yui Ishikawa, who voices Mikasa Ackerman in Attack on Titan, will play 2B, Natsuki Hanae, who voices Tanjiro in Demon Slayer, will play 9S, and Hiroki Yasumoto, who voices Yasutora Sado in Bleach, will play Pod 042. NieR: Automata VER 1.1A will probably come out in January 2023.

Season 2 of The Ancient Magus Bride

It’s been five years since the supernatural anime Ancient Magus Bride came out with 24 episodes and was praised by critics. The OVA was animated by Studio Kafka. The Ancient Magus’ Bride: The Boy from the West and the Knight of the Blue Storm will be animated again for Season 2. Crunchyroll named Ancient Magus Bride “Best Drama” in 2017. It will continue the story of Chise Katori, who was left alone as a child and has had a hard life because she can see scary supernatural creatures. Chise goes crazy because of her problems, so she sells herself at a slave market. She is bought by a mysterious magus beast named Elias Ainsworth, who takes her in as both his apprentice and his bride. Chise will find out that her life is more than just pain and fear when she learns more about how strong her connection to magical energies is.

Season 2 of Ancient Magus’ Bride is set to come out in April 2023.

Trigun Stampede

The first Trigun was a classic sci-fi space Western from the late 1990s. It took place on a desert planet called No Man’s Land. Vash the Stampede, who is the main character, is not your typical strong and calm gunslinger. Instead, he’s a weird and goofy guy with a streak of pacifism that makes him very busy. The story follows Vash as he tries to figure out why he has a 60 Billion Double Dollar bounty on his head and learns about his past, which he can’t remember. Trigun Stampede is a new start for this old favorite that does more than just switch from 2D animation to 3D. Studio Orange is changing the designs of the characters, adding new ones, and going deeper into the Trigun Universe than the first adaptation. In the United States, Trigun Stampede will be on Crunchyroll in January 2023.

So there you go! These are the anime we’re most excited about seeing in 2023.

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