Kristen Doute Pregnant: Fans Ask A Former Co-star of VPR If She’s Expecting A Child

Is Kristen Doute Pregnant? The next person who was said to be pregnant was Kristen Doute. Fans thought Katie Maloney was pregnant, as TV Shows Ace said before. With her latest Instagram post, she threw them off. Some people thought she might be saying that she and her husband, Tom Schwartz, will have their first child.

Fans know that Katie has had trouble getting pregnant. In Season 9 of Vanderpump Rules, she talked about her life. Since the baby boom started in 2020, fans want to know who will have the next child. In her most recent Instagram post, Kristen made people wonder if she was pregnant. Read on to find out more and if she said anything about the rumors.

Kristen Doute Pregnant: Fans Ask A Former co-star of VPR if she’s expecting a child.

On January 22, Kristen Doute went to a party for a friend who was getting married. She posted the black-and-white photos on Instagram. In the first picture, Kristen Doute has her tongue out while she hangs out with her friends. If you swipe right, you can see that the former Pump Rules star is wearing a floral-print dress with ruching.

Kristen Doute Pregnant
Kristen Doute Pregnant

In the group picture, Kristen gave the peace sign. In the third picture, all of the friends were smiling at each other. Kristen stood off to the side, and her belly stuck out. In the last picture, she was standing beside her friend Allison Ivy. All of them were there to celebrate Janet Elizabeth, who was about to get married.

Some of Kristen Doute’s fans couldn’t help but wonder if she was pregnant. Even though the reality star wanted everyone to pay attention to her friend, most people were more interested in her stomach. Some fans asked her right out in the comments if she was pregnant. Look at the photos here for yourself.

  • “Kristen, are you preg?”
  • “Looking a little [pregnant emoji].”
  • “Are you having a baby?”
  • “Is that a pregnant belly?”

Kristen did not say anything to hint that she might be pregnant. She instead said that her friend was “more beautiful than Cinderella.” The former Bravo star also said that Janet had a “face like sunshine” and smelled like pine needles. Kristen didn’t reply to the comments on the post, but it looks like she told people what she thought through her Instagram Stories.

Latest Post

Kristen Doute Responds To Pregnancy Questions?

On January 24, Kristen Doute posted a story on her Instagram account. She answered the many times people asked her if she was pregnant. Kristen didn’t say anything about the rumors, but she did say that nothing big was going on in her life.

“I see people my age out there climbing mountains and zip-lining, and I feel good about myself because I got my leg through my underwear without losing my balance,” Kristen Doute wrote.

She put the “Monday” emoji in the message. But that makes fans wonder if she’s pregnant and that’s why she can’t fit into her underwear. Kristen Doute’s boyfriend is Alex Menache, with whom she has been together for a while. They’ve been going out for two years and just moved in together.

Us Weekly says Kristen talked about wanting children on the We Met at ACME podcast in 2020. She said on social media that, just in case, she wants to learn more about her body. She also made it clear that she wasn’t trying to get pregnant right away.

Final Lines

The Vanderpump Rules Season 9 reunion airs Tuesday, January 25 at 9 p.m. ET on Bravo.

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Are Katie and Tom going to have a child?

The couple is trying to have their first child right now. In season 9 of the show, they talked about their past abortion as part of their journey to get pregnant. “I was with Tom for a year, and it wasn’t pretty. In an October 2021 episode, Maloney said, “Like, we fought all the time.”

Are Kristen Doute and Carter still together?

But Kristen has since put an end to the rumors. Kristen wrote, “Carter and I are friends” in response to a comment that said she would “go back to Carter.” There’s no more.
Are Kristen Doute and Stassi still friends?

“Are you still friends with Stassi?”

Asked one of your fans. Kristen said, “I haven’t talked to Stass in a while, but I love her a lot and she will always be my sister.” Kristen wrote in a caption that she loves Peter, who was on Pump Rules.

Did Kristen Doute get married?

“Look at this beauty from another world!” Doute, who is 39 years old, posted a picture of the bride, who is 33, and the groom, who is 42, on her Instagram Story on Thursday, May 12. “Love you @stassischroeder.” The author of “Off with Their Heads” married Clark earlier that day in Italy. In September 2020, they got married in a backyard ceremony.