Is Clarissa Ward Pregnant? Rumors Revealed Here!

Clarissa Ward, a British-American television journalist, born on January 31, 1980, is currently CNN’s top foreign correspondent. Does Clarissa Ward have a baby? She was an employee of CBS News in London. Before joining CBS News, Ward was an ABC News news correspondent in Moscow. Were Clarissa Ward Pregnant inquiries asked in rotation? Check through the article to find out more about Is Clarissa Ward Pregnant?

Is Clarissa Ward Pregnant?

Currently, Clarissa Ward is not pregnant. But after she realized she was expecting, she could handle it, especially since she had accepted a job as an international correspondent with CNN’s London office.

Is Clarissa Ward Pregnant
Is Clarissa Ward Pregnant

Ward has covered a wide range of global concerns. In the weeks leading up to Kabul’s collapse in August 2021, Ward reported from Afghanistan and continued to do so for a short time after the Taliban took over the nation’s capital.

She was granted exclusive access to a base in Kandahar, Afghanistan, days before the Taliban took control of it. When a former US military base in the province of Ghazni was taken over, she interviewed Taliban members there as well.

Who Is Clarissa Ward?

Based in London, the multi-award-winning CNN chief international reporter. It’s Clarissa Ward, she says. She has spent nearly 20 years reporting from the front lines worldwide, including Yemen, Syria, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, and Georgia in 2008, in addition to Ukraine and Georgia.

In her biography “On All Fronts: The Education of a Journalist,” she explains her singular career as a conflict reporter and how she has witnessed firsthand the violent changing of the world. She received the Gracie Award for Reporter/Correspondent of the Year in 2019. She is also the host of the limited-series podcast Tug of War on CNN Audio.

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Clarissa Ward Age

Clarissa Ward has 42 years of biography mark. Ward was born in London to a British father and an American mother. She was raised in London and went to boarding schools in England called Godstowe and Wycombe Abbey. She graduated from Yale University in 2002, and Middlebury College has awarded her an honorary doctor of literature degree.

Is Clarissa Ward Married?

The focus news reports that Clarissa Ward is married. Ward married investment manager Philipp von Bernstorff in November 2016 at London’s Chelsea Old Town Hall after meeting at a dinner party in Moscow in 2007. They have two youngsters. In addition to speaking French and Italian, Russian, Arabic, and Spanish, Ward also has a basic grasp of Mandarin Chinese.

Clarissa Ward Husband

According to the focus news, Philipp von Bernstorff is Clarissa Ward’s husband. In 2003, Ward began working as an overnight desk assistant at Fox News. Between 2004 and 2005, she was an assignment editor for Fox News in New York City.

She handled coverage for events like the capture of Saddam Hussein, the 2004 Indian Ocean disaster, and the passing of Yasir Arafat and Pope John Paul II while working as a field producer for Fox News in 2006.

Clarissa Ward Height

Clarissa Ward is described as having a height of 5 feet and 11 inches by kemifilani. Ward received a Peabody Award for reporting on the Syrian uprising inside Syria. Washington State University announced in October 2014 that she would be the 2015 Murrow Award for International Reporting recipient. She also has seven Emmy Awards to her name.

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