Is Teen Mom’s Kailyn Lowry Pregnant? Who is Her New Boyfriend?

New Photos of Teen Mom Kailyn Lowry Show Off Obvious Bump Fans are certain the celebrity is expecting her fifth kid. Fans have believed for months that podcast host Kailyn is expecting a kid with current partner Elijah Scott, but Kailyn has repeatedly refuted the reports. But there were exclusive photographs of the Teen Mom alum sporting a noticeable bump.

On Tuesday evening in Delaware, the podcast host was seen making a late-night Wawa run with her 5-year-old son, Lux.

Kailyn chose a green hoodie and black trousers for the occasion, opting to keep her outfit simple. Her hoodie didn’t hide the baby bump that everyone could see.

Is Kailyn Lowry Pregnant?

Kail was caught on camera mingling with guests at a birthday party in October. With her arms around her youngest son, she was visibly pregnant under her sweater. The ex-MTV star has also been seen sending pictures to social media in which she hides her stomach.

Kailyn posted an Instagram snapshot of herself and her 32-year-old podcast co-host, Lindsie Chrisley, drinking Coca-Cola from bottles. Kailyn sat with her face and tummy tucked under the table. In other recent pictures, Kailyn is also seen donning loose-fitting tops and hoodies.

The greatest hint yet that Kailyn is pregnant was delivered in a recent NSFW revelation on her podcast Barely Famous. The former MTV star confessed, “I have not had s*x and I do miss it and I want to have sex. It has only been since…

The mother-of-four continued, “It just came in the mail two days ago, but I haven’t opened it.”

“Pregnancy can change your s*x drive and desire,” one fan said after reading a clip of Kailyn’s comments on a fan forum.

She definitely can’t have sex because she’s pregnant, another person chimed in. Several months ago, Kailyn also stated that she had stopped drinking coffee on the recommendation that she and her husband follow the guidelines for limiting caffeine intake during pregnancy.

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Kailyn Lowry Past Images

Kailyn running an errand with her boyfriend
Kailyn running an errand with her boyfriend

The exclusive images were obtained in October and show Kailyn and her boyfriend doing errands at Target and Hobby Lobby.

Kailyn donned a loose-fitting graphic t-shirt over black leggings to hide her tummy in the images. The U.S. Sun received another raw footage of the star with the bump leaving a Wawa in Delaware in September.

At the moment, Kailyn wore a t-shirt with black jeans. Reddit user: “She’s clearly pregnant again” is an example of the fast fan reaction to the photographs.

A second added, “I’m going to make a prediction: the due date will be in the middle to the end of February. Betting on the 22nd of February”.

Finally, a third said, “Def preggers!”

Pictures of an anxious-looking Kailyn and Elijah were published in July. One fan pointed out that she was pregnant in the comments section of the Reddit post: “Oh My God, Kailyn pictures! Can you tell whether she’s expecting a baby? As another put it, “So every time there’s a rumour she may be pregnant it’s true. I’d be willing to bet that it’s accurate.

Someone else commented, “I can’t wait for her fifth boy announcement.”

Kailyn has five children: Cree, Lux, Lincoln and Isaac from her marriage to Javi Marroquin and to ex-boyfriend Jo Rivera, respectively.

What did Christ say about Kailyn Lowry Pregnancy?

Chris, Kailyn’s third baby daddy, has been the first to imply that the podcast host is expecting their fifth kid in July, sparking pregnancy speculations.

Chris tweeted, “Out here talking how you’ll beat me up now you know you gotta defend the belly stop it,” before he removed the post.

Kail Refutes The Talk

Kail Refutes The Talk

The podcast presenter, however, has shot down speculation that she is expecting. The ex-MTV star did an Instagram live session to interact with followers and answer their queries.

In response to rumours that she was expecting a daughter, people wanted to know what she had chosen as a name for a girl and if she planned to attempt to have a daughter in the future.

The Pennsylvania native ended the chat abruptly by saying, “I’m getting my tubes tied. No thanks; I’m having my tubes tied next month.

Never going to try for a girl,’ she continued. I’m done trying to have a family.

And when followers questioned her laboured breathing, she said, “I’m literally obese.”

During yet another Instagram live, Kailyn attempted to put an end to the rumours. The mother of four from Pennsylvania recently came forward to announce that she was taking drastic measures to ensure that she would never be able to have any more children.

I’m getting my tubes tied next month, so that’s a definite no, she says in the video. I’m never going to make an effort to date a woman. Having more children is not something I intend to do.

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Who is Kailyn New Boyfriend?

According to the reports, it was established in April that Kailyn had begun dating her next-door neighbour Elijah. News of Kailyn’s new boyfriend was first reported on the Teen Mom Chatter Instagram group. The Wawamelen Instagram page also managed to capture images of Elijah’s car in front of Kailyn’s mansion. Her ex-boyfriend Chris broke the news on his podcast P.T.S.D. that she had moved in with her new boyfriend.

“He was just telling me about this last dude and now he telling me about the new dude. They told me the dude lives with her. I can’t control what you do.”

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