Is Jamie Apody Pregnant in 2022 With Baby Number 4?

Jamie Apody is a famous American presenter and journalist who is known for her sports reporting and successful career in the same. The TV personality has been given updates on everything related to sports to notify the fans about all ongoing events. She has been the favorite of the audience due to her charm and charismatic presence. But recently, fans are wondering if Jamie Apody is pregnant or not. There have been rumors that Jamie is soon going to have her fourth child. But is there any truth to this rumor? Is Jamie Apody pregnant in 2022? Worry not, we have covered all the details and you will get to know about the real news behind Jamie Apody’s pregnancy.

Who is Jamie Apody?

Jamie is a reputed reporter, and sports anchor who keeps the viewers excited with her reporting at WPVI-TV and 6ABC. Born on the 7th of April, 1978, Jamie was originally raised in Los Angeles, California. As a matter of fact, she belongs to a family who has lived through the deadly Holocaust. Her mother’s parents were originally from Czechoslovakia whereas her father’s parents were from Hungary. Sadly, all her grandparents had to survive the deadly concentration camps. As she grew old, she was informed about the harsh reality of the Holocaust and the impact it had on people’s lives.

She always aimed to make a name for herself and went to the University of California, Los Angeles in 1996 where she acquired the Bachelor of Communications. Post her education, she was in KDBC TV till 2003 before joining Action News in 2006 where she is a reporter and anchor. With her excellent performance, she won the hearts of multiple fans. 

Her next big achievement was when she was included on the JDRF Board of Directors (Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation). She is a health advocate for wellness and fitness. Thus, she got involved with breast cancer groups and is a prominent volunteer all because she has cancer running in her family. Her mother and grandmother both have suffered from cancer twice and so, she wants to educate everyone about the struggles of cancer. Jamie is a very vocal personality and she never shies away from sharing her opinions. The 44 years old star is currently thriving in life.

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Who is Jamie Apody’s Husband?

Jamie married her lover, Paul Coleman in July 2011 in a private ceremony with her close one. The couple has been together ever since then and nothing could part then. Pole Coleman is the person who has complete charge of a football team. With their strong bond and incomparable love, the couple has been making each other’s lives better and happier.

Is Jamie Apody Pregnant?

Recently, fans have speculated that their favorite TV anchor, Jamie Apody is pregnant with her fourth child. The news did spread at a faster pace but Jamie and her husband never confirmed it. The couple remained silent even when the pressure to reveal the truth was high.

In the recent photos that Jamie shared on social media, it appeared that the anchor had a baby bump and was trying to hide it. There were a couple of pictures that hinted at the same. But is Jamie Apody really pregnant? Well, we hate to disappoint you but Jamie Apody is not pregnant. She is not expecting a baby currently and is happy with her family of four.

The NBA and Los Angeles Lakers for KNBC reporter has three children who light up her life. The name of her three children is Tanner, Chase, and Jamie. Her third pregnancy was back in 2016 which was 6 years back. She had her beautiful baby boy on Thursday at 5.48 a.m. who was born 19-inches tall and had a weight of 6 pounds 11 ounces. Thus, Jamie is not expecting a baby, however, she did put on a little weight that made the fans suspect her pregnancy. But she always looks stunning no matter what.

Jamie earns a salary of about $52,661 to $149,917 every year and she is enjoying the life she always dreamt of. The sportscaster was mistaken to be pregnant but she is growing in her career and there is more to achieve. She is currently at the top of her career and more opportunities are coming her way. If Jamie would be pregnant in the future, she will definitely update her fans with the same.

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