Who Is Jade Cargill And How Much Is The WWE Superstar’s Net Worth?

Jade Cargill is an American professional wrestler and fitness model. Here is everything you need to know about Jade Cargill, including her net worth, salary and personal life. Jade Cargill is signed with All Elite Wrestling at the moment. But first, let’s take a look at the famous Instagram star’s career, net worth and more.

Who Is Jade Cargill?

Jade Cargill is Known as Well Professional Wrestler. On June 3, 1992, Jade Cargill was born. Most people want to know how much money Jade Cargill has. So, we’ve changed the information here. Some people will want to learn more about the lives of their favorite famous people. In the same way, we can now see that people are looking up Jade Cargill’s Net Worth. How much money Jade Cargill has is something that can be found on the internet. Let’s go into more depth to find out more.


In April 2019, Jade Cargill tried out at the WWE Performance Center. After that, she went to AR Fox’s WWA4 Academy to train. Cargill went to Heath Miller and Richard Borger’s Face 2 Face Wrestling School to train on the advice of Mark Henry, whom she called her “mentor.”

Cargill then trained at Nightmare Factory with QT Marshall and Dustin Rhodes. Tony Khan, the founder and owner of AEW, asked Bryan Danielson to coach her when they joined the company in 2021.

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All Elite Wrestling

On the November 11, 2020, episode of Dynamite, Jade Cargill made her professional wrestling debut with All Elite Wrestling (AEW). She interrupted Cody Rhodes and teased the arrival of Shaquille O’Neal. The next day, Tony Khan, President and CEO of AEW, said that Cargill had signed a contract with AEW for several years.

Cargill would work with Cody Rhodes and his wife Brandi, which would lead to a match on the Dynamite episode The Crossroads on March 3, 2021. But Red Velvet took the place of Brandi. Then, at the event, Cargill and O’Neal worked together to beat Cody and Red Velvet. This was Cargill’s first wrestling match.

In her first singles match, Jade Cargill beat Dani Jordyn on the March 17, 2021, episode of Dynamite called “St. Patrick’s Day Slam.”

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TBS Champion

Jade Cargill took part in the AEW TBS Women’s Championship tournament from November 2021 to January 2022. She beat Red Velvet, Thunder Rosa in the semi-finals, and Ruby Soho in the finals to become the first AEW TBS Champion.

Anna Jay and Julia Hart lost to Cargill for the title on the January 21 and 28 episodes of Rampage. On the February 9, 2022, edition of Dynamite, Cargill successfully defended her title against AQA’s first match. At Revolution on March 6, 2022, Jade Cargill won her title defense against Tay Conti.

Jade Cargill’s husband

Brandon Phillips is Jade Cargill’s husband. Brandon Phillips, who used to play second base for the Cincinnati Reds, is her partner, and they have a daughter together. Bailey Quinn is the name of their daughter. On the other hand, Cargill has said that she was inspired by the late female wrestler Chyna and the X-Men character Storm. She is an attractive height and has a good weight for her personality.

Jade Cargill’s Net Worth

What is Jade Cargill’s Net Worth? It is thought that Jade Cargill is worth about $4 million. She makes most of her money from being a professional wrestler. Cargill’s successful career has given her a nice home and a few nice cars. She is among the richest and most powerful women wrestlers in the U.S.

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FAQs about Jade Cargill

How much money does Jade Cargill have?

Christian’s net worth is between $1 and $2 million.

What is Jade Cargill’s age?

The age of Jade Cargill is 29.

When did Jade Cargill make her AEW debut?

Jade made her AEW debut in 2020

Who does Jade Cargill have a family with?

A Major League Baseball second baseman is married to Jade Cargill. Brendon Philips

Do any of Jade Cargill’s kids live with her?

One Daughter