How Old Was Juice Wrld When He Died? What Was His Net Worth?

How Old Was Juice Wrld When He Died? On December 2, 1998, in Chicago, Illinois, Jarad Anthony Higgins became known as Juice WRLD. His parents separated when he was a little child, and his father fled. His mother reared him and his older brother. She was quite pious and only permitted him to listen to rock and pop; she forbade him from listening to rap or hip-hop.

Playing video games exposed him to musical acts like Blink-182, Black Sabbath, Billy Idol, and Fall Out Boy. He started learning the piano at the age of four and later picked up the guitar and drums. He was a trumpet player in his high school band as well. Juice Wrld used drugs and alcohol frequently when he was a child and a teenager.

He started using lean, which is Coke combined with hydrocodone cough medicine, in the sixth grade. He started using Xanax, and Percocet and smokes within a few years. He began using his iPhone to record music in high school and uploaded it to the website Soundcloud. Even as a young child, his musical abilities and interests were evident.

Yet, he didn’t become genuinely engaged in rap until he was sixteen years old. He enjoyed freestyling with his pals, and they encouraged him to do so professionally. Chief Keef became one of his initial influences and favorite artists after he started making records and listening to more rap. He also thought Kid Cudi, Travis Scott, Eminem, and Odd Future were influential rappers.

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How Old Was Juice Wrld When He Died?

The Kid LAROi, a fellow MC and friend of the late rapper Juice WRLD, opens up in a powerful sequence from the recent Juice WRLD documentary Juice WRLD: Into the Abyss about the night, the 21-year-old Chicago native passed away following a seizure at Midway Airport. The 18-year-old Australian sensation spoke haltingly and tearfully as he detailed his late “big brother” and mentor’s final moments while donning dark sunglasses.

The Kid provided a frightening description of his friend’s passing and the shock and uncertainty it caused the crew on the tarmac that night in the Tommy Oliver-directed documentary, which made its HBO Max debut on December 16. This was in the midst of tributes to the “Come & Go” rapper, born Jarad Higgins.

The Kid LAROi claimed in the documentary, “I can still see the police and s-t through the window and remember walking away and thinking, ‘What the f-k?'” “They commanded everyone to take their passports out. The juice was seated across from me as I took a seat. [Juice WRLD staffer] G Money was present and seated. Juice and G Money touched hands, in my memory.”

He “kinda froze” and asked the authorities what he could do to help his friend, whose death was eventually traced to oxycodone and codeine intoxication, very swiftly, as LAROi recalled it. He was very sick. I was simply shaking as I sat there. What the f-k, I was thinking. And at first, we simply assumed that he was suffering a seizure before blood began to ooze out of his mouth and nose.

How Old Was Juice Wrld When He Died
How Old Was Juice Wrld When He Died

Then everyone’s panic clearly increased at that point. The officers then approached us and placed handcuffs on every one of us. They lined us up with handcuffs and said, “Get the f-k away from him!” The “Lucid Dreams” artist had a seizure at the Midway International Airport on December 8, 2019, while returning to Chicago from Los Angeles.

He was soon taken to a nearby hospital, where he was later declared dead in what authorities are calling an accident. The young Australian artist and Juice have a long relationship together. In 2019, LAROi opened performances for WRLD in Sydney and Melbourne before joining Grade A Productions, Juice’s managers. They also worked together on the LAROi song “Go” from his debut mixtape 2020 F-k Love.

Early Career

Juice Wrld penned and recorded his debut song, “Forever,” while a sophomore in high school, and shared it on Soundcloud in 2015. He used the username “JuicetheKidd” on his posts because he admired the late rapper Tupac, who played the lead role in the movie “Juice.” He chose “Juice Wrld” because it symbolized him conquering the globe once he was a more well-known artist.

When he was spotted by a record company, he already had a sizable Soundcloud following and was well-known in the hip-hop scene for his distinctive sound. Higgins obtained employment in a factory to help support himself while he was working on the songs for his debut EP, but he was let go after just two weeks.

Fortunately, he had signed with the LA-based musical label and production company, Internet Money Records, so he wouldn’t need a side job to make money. The label concentrates on emerging musicians who begin their careers on social media. Juice Wrld’s debut full-length album, “9, 9, 9,” featuring the popular song “Lucid Dreams,” was released in the summer of 2017.

After the album’s release, other hip-hop artists including Waka Flocka Flame and Chicago rapper Lil Bibby began to take notice of him as his fan base quickly expanded. He obtained a record deal with Grade A Productions, a Lil Bibby-co-owned recording facility, and later that year released an EP that contained the smash song “All Girls Are the Same.”

He was well-known in the hip-hop scene as of December 2017, and after releasing a music video for the song in early 2018, he inked a $3 million deal with Interscope Records. In May 2018, Higgins filmed a music video for “Lucid Dreams” and released it as a single. It reached its peak on the Billboard Hot 100 at position two. Later that month, he published “Goodbye & Good Riddance,” his debut studio album in its entirety.

What Was Juice Wrld Net Worth?

At the time of his passing in 2019, American rapper Juice Wrld had a $4 million net worth. The songs “Lucid Dreams” and “All Girls Are the Same” made him the most well-known. On December 8, 2019, Juice Wrld passed away at the age of 21 from a seizure. He was one of the hip-most hop’s promising up-and-coming rap talents.

Juice Wrld signed a $3 million record deal with Interscope Records at the beginning of 2018 after becoming popular on SoundCloud. At the time of his passing, he was only beginning to find success as one of the most well-known artists in the world.

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