Gigi and Bella Hadid Stun Runway With Partially ‘Shaved’ Heads

The supermodel sisters Gigi and Bella Hadid revealed their daring new looks on Monday, storming the catwalk in New York City with bleached eyebrows, short bangs, and what seemed to be half-shaved heads.

However, it was quickly apparent that the sisters’ spectacular alteration was the product of the efforts of prostitutes who transformed their look by applying wigs, bald hats, and cosmetics. This was the cause of the sisters’ extraordinary makeover.

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Bella finished off her outfit for the runway by donning an extravagant gown that reached the floor and had dramatic sleeves. She also wore white gloves that reached to her upper arms. While Gigi, 27, wore a similar hairdo, her rocker-chic glam was tamed with a white-and-blush outfit that included a light shawl with the fringe design that was flawlessly draped over her shoulders. Gigi’s look was inspired by the look worn by Rihanna.

The futuristic aesthetic was featured at the Marc Jacobs Fall 2022 show, which took place in the New York Public Library, which is a Beaux-Arts-inspired edifice located on Fifth Avenue. The event featured the debut of more than 40 new styles from the designer’s namesake brand. Gigi posed wearing a pink sweater with a grey skirt and Gigi donned opera gloves with her black vinyl outfit. Bella wore a black dress with opera gloves.

In other parts of the show, the models donned vividly coloured, monotone outfits that ranged from huge ruffled dresses, dramatic platform boots, and oversized knitwear. The Hadid sisters were among the models spotted walking the catwalk, and they were one of many who had dramatic haircuts. Other models were seen wearing sharp bobs and space-age bangs. Bella released a variety of backstage photographs and a time-lapse video on her Instagram account, both of which showed the makeup and prosthetic artists crafting her appearance.

The photographs have been met with a variety of opinions and concerns from users of various social media platforms, who are under the impression that the model truly shaved her head. Elizaveta Porodina, a fashion photographer, replied to Bella’s picture by commenting that she looks “absolutely heavenly,” while Nur Taguri, an activist and writer, added that “The metamorphosis is remarkable.”

Both Gigi and Bella have been seen sporting daring ensembles on more than one occasion in recent months for the sake of the fashion industry. Gigi Hadid stunned on the red carpet at this year’s Met Gala by wearing a pair of edgy, deep red patent latex leggings coupled to pointed-toe boots and a matching corset instead of the event’s typical formal clothing. Gigi’s outfit was a departure from the event’s traditional formal attire.

In the meanwhile, Bella aimed for an atmosphere that was quite similar. The celebrity looked amazing in a Burberry outfit that included a plunging, BDSM-like black leather bodysuit that was studded with side chains. She also wore tulle sleeve gloves, sensual stockings, and a floor-length lace train with the ensemble.

She went as far as wrapping an antique pearl multi-strand necklace that she had purchased from Briony Raymond around her ankle in order to emphasise the theme’s emphasis on bygone elegance. “Bella what did they do to you babe?” one asked, while another commented, “I love you but what is this.”

It was later revealed that the Hadid sisters were able to achieve their new ‘dos with the help of prosthetics, according to a time-lapse video that was posted to Bella’s Instagram on Tuesday. Despite the fact that the Hadid sisters’ looks likely left attendees at the show with their jaws on the floor, it was later revealed that the Hadid sisters were able to achieve their new ‘dos.

Duffy, Marc Jacobs’ hairdresser, and Diane Kendal, a makeup artist for Marc Jacobs, were the ones responsible for the eye-catching style. Noel Jacoboni, one of the special effects artists who was responsible for the appearance of the Hadid sisters, said on Instagram that working on the show had been a “surreal” experience.

She said on her Instagram that the day “was the ideal combination of my abilities to make a bald cap as well as work with one of my favourite designers with some of the greatest models in the business.”

Jacobs’ most recent presentation, which was shown live on LED screens in New York City’s Times Square, took place exactly one year after the designer held the most recent of his runway shows in the same location.

In the mysterious show notes provided by the American designer, it was said that “creativity is fundamental to life,” and the notes concluded with a statement from the German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche, who said, “We have art in order to not die of the truth.”

The Met Gala in 2022 had the subject “In America: An Anthology of Fashion,” and the required attire was gilded splendour with a white tie. According to Vogue, the theme of the event was “channelling the historical period between 1870 and 1890,” and participants were invited to “embody the grandeur — and possibly the paradox — of Gilded Age New York.”

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The sisters often go out wearing outfits that are coordinated, and most recently, they wore swimsuits for an outing in the city. But this might very well be the most dramatic event in their relationship to date.

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