When RadioShack’s Twitter account started publishing some unusual things on Wednesday (the 29th), it caused thousands of people who use the internet to become perplexed. A big American shop that specializes in the sale of electronic devices, including radios, TV cables, headphones, chargers, and batteries, RadioShack is known as “Shack.”

RadioShack is no longer the store where your father or perhaps your grandparents would shop for their necessities. Those days are long gone. Radio Shack has undergone a transformation and is now operating as a blockchain corporation.

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It has also introduced its very own cryptocurrency exchange, known as the Radio Shack Swap. Additionally, the corporation has its own cryptocurrency known as $RADIO, which trades at a price of around one cent at the moment.

RadioShack is still in the business of selling electronic goods, but if you go to their website, you’ll find that it has transitioned into a bitcoin trading platform. This is the reason why the corporation began tweeting trendier stuff, and it’s all because of this. In addition, this is not the first time that RadioShack has seen viral success. On June 16, it sent out a tweet asking, “who else is high af rn.”

When the shop started publishing some offensive tweets, everyone was completely taken aback and shocked. Have hackers broken into RadioShack? will be elaborated on in the subsequent discussion


When a bunch of strange things began being posted on the official Twitter account for RadioShack, which has 262,000 followers, people on Twitter were highly bewildered by what was going on. The vast majority of the tweets have been removed at this point; nonetheless, there were some offensive comments made regarding sex, drugs, and other sensitive subjects.

Because of their graphic nature, we won’t be including any of them here; however, screenshots of the startling tweets are now trending on Twitter, and you may check them out if you’re interested. The majority of respondents believed that the store must have been the victim of a hacking attempt, with one person writing:

And other Tweeted


After the vulgar tweets gained widespread attention, a post was published that disclosed that the firm had not, in fact, been hacked after all.

“This is Shack’s intern. I just wanted to take a moment to think about what I posted. I know you’re expecting me to say that even in my wildest dreams I never anticipated that tweet would become viral and to apologize, so here it is Ik, your expecting me to say that.

“However, I did it because I knew that stuff was hot as hell. No, our system was not compromised, and no, I have not been let go. The message proceeded with the phrase “buckle up, b***h.”

According to Mashable, RadioShack’s strange tweets were an effort to appeal to a younger and more alternative audience as a result of the company’s recent transition into the bitcoin market.


If you go to the RadioShack website, you’ll find that while the company does still sell various types of electronic items, the cryptocurrency that it offers is the primary emphasis of the page.

“Think you’ve got a handle on crypto? There is a large advertisement on the site that states, “You don’t know shack,” next to a button that explains that “RadioShack Swap is live.”

You will be directed to the RadioShack Crypto website when you click on it. RadioShack Crypto is a new cryptocurrency that is “paving the road for blockchain tech to attain widespread acceptance by other huge corporations.”

However, many people are now learning in June 2022 that the power business is really a cryptocurrency, despite the fact that the cryptocurrency was introduced in December 2021, making it clear that it is not exactly cutting edge technology.
According to what is stated on the website, the company’s goal is to “be the first protocol to bridge the gap to mass adoption of blockchain and cryptocurrencies.”

You just need to download the RadioShack app and link it to your cryptocurrency wallet in order to purchase $RADIO tokens, which can be purchased for a price of around a cent each at the moment.

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The shift occurred when the firm was acquired by Retail Ecommerce Ventures (REV) in the year 2020. Retail Ecommerce Ventures is owned by Tai Lopez, who is active in the internet investment and business community.

Internet users were left in utter shock by RadioShack’s filthy tweets, proving that the company’s effort to garner attention was successful. Having said that, this isn’t the first time that they’ve engaged in such behaviour.

In point of fact, the retail establishment has been tweeting odd things for quite some time. They wrote it on the 28th of June:

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