What Time Will P-Valley Season 2 Episode 7 Air On Starz? All Latest Updates

After a hiatus of two years following the show’s first release in 2020 on Starz, the second season of P-Valley has finally made its appearance. The premiere of Episode 1 took place on June 3, 2022, and successive episodes have been shown on the following Sundays ever since.

However, unfortunately,  did not air when it was supposed to since the program had a deliberate delay in showing episodes.

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The audience is transported to the fictitious town of Chucalissa in Mississippi for the stripper drama, which follows the lives of Nicco Annan’s Uncle Clifford, the owner of The Pynk, and the ladies that work for her. The second season concentrates on Uncle Clifford and her girls’ life outside of the club and does so by doing an in-depth investigation into their histories and origins.

What Time Will P-Valley Season 2 Episode 7 Air On Starz? All Latest Updates
What Time Will P-Valley Season 2 Episode 7 Air On Starz? All Latest Updates

The ongoing season takes place immediately after the epidemic and explores how everyone’s chances have dramatically shifted as a result. To the chagrin of both Mercedes and Uncle Clifford, Hailey just purchased a stake in The Pynk that gives her ownership of the establishment. Now, she needs to find a method to keep the firm operating while fighting the impulse to close it down and move on with her life.

In light of the fact that episode 7 is expected to be released this coming Sunday, let’s discuss the different directions the plot might take in the remaining episodes of this season.

P-Valley Season 2 Episode 7 Will Reveal More On Uncle Clifford’s Backstory

Fans may anticipate that the program will divulge more about Uncle Clifford’s past when it airs episode 7 of the 10-episode P-Valley Season 2  coming Sunday, July 24, 2022, at 10 pm Eastern Time on Starz. The second season of P-Valley will have a total of 10 episodes.

Nicco Annan, in an interview with Digital Spy, discussed the mysteries that have been revealed during this season as follows:

“So this season – in season 2 – you get to get more into that backstory, to see how this place was a cotton mill, and then it transformed into a juke joint, and then there was a passing of hands between Ernestine (Loretta Devine) and Uncle Clifford’s mother, Beulah, and then from Beulah to Uncle Clifford.”

“So there’s a gap shift that happened there, and that’s where we get called in, and you get more of the story and backstory of season 2.”

The preview for the episode reveals a little bit more information about what viewers might anticipate. It reveals that Autumn (Elarica Johnson) will have a confrontation with her uncle Clifford over the fact that she sold up her inheritance. Mercedes (Brandee Evans), who is confronting Terrica about her unintended pregnancy, is seen by the two as they deliberate on what action to take next regarding the situation.

The following is what is said in the episode 7 synopsis officially released by the show:

“Uncle Clifford wrestles with her future while opening the door to the past. Meanwhile, Mercedes struggles with the complexities of motherhood.”

P-Valley Season 2 Episode 7 Will Cover A Significant Story Arc Following Lil Murda and Uncle Clifford

When the next episode begins, Lil Murda will be in a highly emotional condition due to the events of the previous episode. The last episode ended with the character having just lost Big Teak, and he is now dealing with the loss of Big Teak in addition to a number of other difficulties, one of which is desiring Clifford’s forgiveness.

Even though he wants it, there is no assurance that he will be able to acquire it. In yet another sneak peek, Murda is shown making an attempt to persuade Clifford that he is, in fact, an honorable human being, despite his reputation. He achieves this goal by providing care for Ernestine, who is sick.

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However, given what we know so far, it is reasonable to assume that there is more to the narrative than what is now being presented. Although Lil Murda’s intention is to curry favor with Uncle Clifford, it is fair to say that he takes pleasure in exhibiting the compassionate part of his personality.

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