Outlander Season 7 Might Be The Final Season: Author Diana Gabaldon

The Outlander season 7, the time-traveling drama which is produced by Starz, is now being filmed in Scotland with actors Sam Heughan and Caitriona Balfe.

The fictional pair known as Jamie and Claire Fraser is now filming a super-sized season that will consist of 16 episodes and will cover the conclusion of the sixth novel written by Diana Gabaldon titled A Breath of Snow and Ashes.

In addition to her seventh book, which is titled Echo in the Bone. Is it feasible that the television series will be cancelled after it reaches outlander season 7? Here is what the cast of the blockbuster Outlander season 7 drama as well as the book’s author had to say about it.

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Diana Gabaldon Weights In On The Possibility Of ‘Outlander’ Season 7 Being The Last

The Outlander Season 7 is presently being shot at Pollok Park in Glasgow, Scotland, as well as in the show’s purpose-built studio in Cumbernauld. The fact that the program has been on the air for seven seasons has left Gabaldon feeling both “amazed and happy,” as she put it. However, she does confess that she and the showrunners have begun discussing potential conclusions to the program.

“There are a few tentative inferences that may be drawn. However, we won’t know for sure until much farther down the line,” Gabaldon said in an interview with The Times.

“If we don’t get a season eight, then the seven we have are pretty wonderful, and we can concoct a fair conclusion if that should be the case.” “If we have a season eight that would be really amazing, and if we don’t have a season eight that would be totally great.” The two of us are crossing our fingers. It’s unusual for a successful series to last for so many episodes.

Outlander Season 7 Might Be The Final Season: Author Diana Gabaldon
Outlander Season 7 Might Be The Final Season: Author Diana Gabaldon

Both Caitriona Balfe and Sam Heughan Have Hinted The End of The TV Series Could Be Near

Both Balfe and Heughan were first considered for the parts over ten years ago. In addition, the contracts that both performers have signed only extend through Outlander season 7.

The Belfast star clarified that the outcome of Outlander is not in her control and that she does not have any say in the decisions that are made about the show. In spite of this, she does concede that ten years would be a “wonderful type of time frame” to bring the series to a conclusion.

“By the time Outlander Season 7 is up, we will have reached the milestone of having been on the air for almost ten years, which seems like a lovely type of time period, but we don’t know. According to what Balfe said to Vanity Fair, “Those decisions are much above my pay grade.”

Sam Heughan has confessed that he could “definitely envision Outlander without me” in light of the recent news that Starz would be extending the Outlander world with a new spinoff series. However, are the statements made by the Outlander cast members and the author implying that the conclusion is getting closer? Certainly not in every case.

The ‘Outlander’ Author Has Hinted The TV Series Will Last 10 Seasons

She feels that the series will continue “as long as the scripts continue to be strong” and as long as there are “still fresh topics to explore.” Balfe said these things. Each season of Outlander has largely covered the subject matter of the book that corresponds to that season in Gabaldon’s literary series, and the author is presently working on the tenth and last book in the series.

She has dropped hints that the Starz series would be renewed for a full ten seasons so that they can present the entire narrative of Jamie and Claire based on Gabaldon’s finished book.

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According to Gabaldon, “I am way ahead of them at the moment, so I don’t think they are going to catch me up.” She has also stated that they would “never” catch her, in contrast to what Game of Thrones did with George R. R. Martin, and that she will “definitely finish” the last book before they finish airing the TV series.

Netflix now has all five seasons of Outlander accessible to stream. The sixth season may be seen on the Starz app right now.

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