Shetland Season 7 Release Date Status, Trailer, Recap and All Latest Updates

Douglas Henshall’s exit as DI Jimmy Perez raises doubts about his character’s path in Shetland season 6, which is nearing its conclusion. Shetland season 7 will be a sad reunion for fans of the popular BBC crime drama, as it marks the show’s final appearance of DI Jimmy Perez.

Shetland actor Douglas Henshall will be departing the show at the end of this season, so his character’s tragic circumstances in the forthcoming episode will be even more relevant. On both the investigative and personal fronts, Jimmy had a lot to deal with in Season 6. They were all shocked to witness their leader being charged with a crime right in front of them.

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In this review, we explain why DI Jimmy Perez was jailed, who Donna Killick was, and how this might affect the upcoming Shetland Season 7.


Shetland fans are counting down the days till the return of the BBC drama for Shetland season 7, which is now only a few weeks away. DI Jimmy Perez’s life might become a lot worse before it gets better following the sad finale of Shetland season 6. Shetland season 6 recaps reveal that the Shetland Islands’ determined detective was jailed in front of his crew in a very terrible ending to the season.

The “unlawful death” of Donna Killick, a familiar but unwelcome figure from season 4, led to Jimmy’s arrest as he stood there, seemingly resigned to his destiny.

Fans of Shetland will know that Jimmy’s arrest was part of a diabolical vengeance plan that took place during the sixth season. Donna Killick’s return to Shetland in season 6 made it evident that this returning figure may cause havoc.

When she returned to the island, many islanders, including the victim’s relatives and Sandy Wilson, a police officer, were enraged to see her. Jimmy remained distrustful of Donna even though she had returned home to die.

Donna’s past lover Duncan, unfortunately for him, was significantly more trusting, though possibly for a good cause. Because of his feelings of remorse for abandoning Donna in prison, he is dragged back into her life.

Shetland season 6 saw Duncan establish contact with Donna and encourage him to send a letter to her attorney, which he did, only to find out later that the letter’s contents were a trap for him as well as for Jimmy.

Shetland Season 7 Release Date, Trailer, Recap and All Latest Updates
Shetland Season 7 Release Date, Trailer, Recap and All Latest Updates

After a letter was issued stating that if Donna was discovered dead in this manner, it would be deemed murder, Duncan helped Donna take her own life and Jimmy helped cover it up.

Jimmy exposed all of this in a dramatic beach meeting with Duncan devastated that he could have been deceived so easily and Jimmy refused to let Donna rule them like the way in the last episode.

It’s not possible for us to let her get away with it,” he said to Duncan, who replied with the idea that Jimmy, as a police officer, would have to lie and corrupt the course of law in order to protect her, compromising the career of both him and his daughter as well as his own freedom.

Jimmy said, “This is a new situation.” There was nothing you did wrong.” For one thing, Duncan has a familial connection to Jimmy because of his relationship with Jimmy’s stepdaughter Cassie. By doing precisely what Donna had said he would do and then lying about it, he had ruined his career for him.

Even though Duncan was unable to help Jimmy, he eventually turned himself in and was arrested for his part in the crime. For DI Perez, a colleague investigator had warned him that if Donna’s death was examined, he would be the target of inquiry.

In the final phases, he was informed that a complete inquiry had been ordered because of the circumstances surrounding Donna’s death, her frailty at the time of her death, and the letter, and he was implicated.

He *was* technically involved since Jimmy directed Duncan where to relocate the mug with his DNA evidence and what to say to attempt to cover his participation in this Shetland season 6 recap. The stakes had never been higher for Jimmy ahead of Shetland season 7 debut in August 2022, despite the fact that Jimmy did arrange with Duncan to help conceal what had truly transpired.


Jimmy is the pivotal lead detective in Shetland, much like DCI Ian St Clair in Sherwood and DCI Roy Grace in Grace on ITV. When it comes to his destiny, the startling Shetland season 6 recap has reminded us that his future is in significant peril for Shetland season 7. The destiny of Jimmy’s character is in jeopardy with the recent revelation that his actor, Douglas Henshall, is departing the program after the upcoming season Shetland Season 7.

Those who have followed the show for a long time would naturally hope that Donna’s evil vengeance plan will be exposed. However, it’s not clear if that will assist Jimmy escape going to prison because he was found guilty of tampering with evidence. Even if he avoids prison, he may lose the position he’s had for so long. It will fall on him and his crew if Shetland season 7 begins with this difficult scenario unsolved.

The murder of Alex Galbraith, a local lawyer who had helped negotiate Donna’s return to the island on humanitarian grounds, was the focus of the season six investigation. Initially, Jimmy viewed Donna as a possible suspect in the death of his friend, assuming that an irate local may have been motivated by this. In the end, she was discovered to have been completely uninvolved, and the secondary plot of her scheme came to light.

Shetland Season 7 will center on the “mysterious disappearance of a vulnerable young man,” according to the BBC. It’s probable that DS Alison ‘Tosh’ McIntosh, DC, will be involved in the investigation of Jimmy’s arrest as a secondary plot in Shetland Season 7. For the first time, Sandy Wilson and the rest of the crew will be on their own.


Fiona Bell reprises her role as Donna Killick, a character who appears in the fourth season of Shetland. Shetland season 6 recaps would be incomplete without mentioning her tenacity in seeking vengeance on Duncan and Jimmy. While she was in an abusive relationship, she had an affair with Duncan.

Lizzie Kilmuir, a local girl, found that Donna was pregnant with Duncan’s kid and killed her in order to keep the affair from being discovered by her boyfriend and to protect herself, Duncan, and their unborn child.

Until someone else was convicted of Lizzie’s murder, the reality remained a mystery. Donna finally revealed her guilt in an interview with Jimmy, and Duncan was found to be the biological father of Donna’s child. Duncan remained on the Shetland Islands when she was condemned to jail.

His feelings of responsibility for her and her actions began to grow when Shetland season 6’s terminally sick character reappeared. Donna exploited this opportunity to reconnect with her to her advantage. Season 6 concluded with Duncan telling Jimmy incredulously, “She could have survived for months, but she choose to die and watch us destroyed.”

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Because of this, it appears that Donna could not forgive Jimmy or Duncan for their relationship motivating her crime and leaving her to her destiny, it appears Donna was unable to forgive them. In August, BBC One and BBC iPlayer will air Shetland season 7.

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