Chris Mortensen Health Update: What Happened To Chris Mortensen?

Chris Mortensen is a sports writer for ESPN who lives in the United States. Chris Mortensen has been on ESPN programs such as Sunday NFL Countdown, Monday Night Countdown, SportsCenter, ESPN Radio, and

He also authorizes the 1991 book Playing for Keeps: How One Man Prevented the Mob from Sinking Its Hooks into Professional Football.

What Happened To Chris Mortensen?

Chris’s new look resulted from his throat c@ncer diagnosis in 2016. He’s been in recovery since then, and he’s had his new, more petite physique since the diagnosis. Fortunately, Chris is still on his c@ncer journey but received encouraging indicators about his therapy soon after being diagnosed.

“I received very encouraging news last week from my oncologist team of doctors at M.D. Anderson C@ncer Center that now enables me to completely focus on recovery rather than treatment,” he said in a statement posted through ESPN Media Zone in 2016.

What Happened To Chris Mortensen?

“The Stage IV throat (oropharyngel) c@ncer diagnosed in early January and treated with intensive chemotherapy and radiation has virtually been reduced to zero detection of the disease through the latest scans and exams.”

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What Is The Current Status Of Chris Mortensen’s Health?

Chris has been in good health for many years and has returned to work at ESPN after recovering from throat cancer. Although Chris’s appearance may have taken aback some fans who have not followed ESPN closely over the years, they should know that he is in good health and that his weight loss was simply a result of his diagnosis.

Does Chris Mortensen Have C@ncer?

Chris Mortensen, an ESPN NFL commentator, announced his resignation after being diagnosed with stage 4 throat c@ncer. Mortensen confirmed the diagnosis more than a week after learning about it.

He is now considering the appropriate treatment plan, which will begin as soon as the results of another test are available. ESPN President John Skipper tweeted his support and wished Mortensen strength and hope in the coming struggle, while the New Orleans Saints also conveyed their support via social media. Mortensen has been a valued ESPN colleague since 1991.

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