Krysten Ritter Related To John Ritter: How Are They Linked To Each Other?

Krysten Ritter is an American actress, model, and musician best known for playing Jessica Jones in Netflix’s original series Jessica Jones.

She rose to prominence as Jane Margolis in the AMC drama series Breaking Bad from 2009 to 2010, a role she returned in the 2019 spinoff film El Camino. She also starred as the titular character in the ABC sitcom Don’t Trust the B—— in Apartment.

She is commonly thought to be linked to John Ritter because she is a well-known Ritter in the film industry. John was an American actor, comedian, and producer best remembered for playing Jack Tripper on the famous television comedy Three’s Company from 1977 to 1984.

Is Krysten Ritter Related To John Ritter?

Following Krysten’s success in the film industry, fans quickly questioned the famous Ritters’ relationship. Viewers and admirers swarmed the internet with questions about Krysten’s relationship with John.

According to sources like Hollywood Mask, the American actress, and model Krysten is not related to John. The actress even addressed herself to the question through her Twitter account, saying: Ha Yep! No reaction! To a fan’s tweet.

Krysten Ritter Related To John Ritter

While they are not blood relatives, Krysten and John have made significant contributions to the entertainment industry and have left a lasting impression on fans and audiences alike.

John has four children, Jason, Tyler, Carly, and Noah. John’a son, Tyler, also explained his relationship with the Ritters in Hollywood in an interview with Yahoo!

“John Ritter is my dad, was my dad, is my dad, forever will be my dad and a huge influence on my life,” Tyler said to the source.

“I have no relation to Krysten Ritter.” On Breaking Bad, he blew my mind with his incredible talent. “However, she did work on Gilmore Girls with Lauren Graham, who works with my brother Jason,” the famed actor’s son stated in 2014.

Krysten Ritter is Also a Musician

Krysten was born on December 16, 1981. Garry Ritter and Kathi Taylor are the parents of Krysten. She grew raised in the rural Pennsylvania town of Shickshinny with her mother, stepfather, and sister.

Her father lives in the nearby town of Benton. She has English, Scottish, and German ancestors. She graduated from Northwest Area High School in 2000.

The actress began her career as a model, working in commercials for various brands. She eventually moved on to acting, making her film debut in Mona Lisa Smile with a tiny role.

Aside from her acting career, She plays in her own band, Ex Vivian, and is also a musician. Krysten released an album through WT Records in 2012. According to Gallary Roulette, she writes and performs all the songs.

The multi-talented star is also a published author. On November 7, 2017, Crown Archetype released Ritter’s debut novel, Bonfire, psychological suspense. She is also an animal rights activist who is continuously involved in campaigns.

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