Tom Brady Contract & Salary Details

TB12 is back for more after retiring and then not retiring. Boardroom looks at the numbers behind Tom Brady‘s new deal with the Bucs.

What do you do for the player who has done more in his sport than anyone else? The answer seems to be to let him play as long as he wants. Tom Brady, a quarterback for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, has decided to come back for his 23rd NFL season and third with the team. He has signed a one-year, $15 million contract that is fully guaranteed.

Brady, who is almost 45 years old, is the oldest player in the NFL by more than five years, but he is still one of the most productive. Last season, he led the league in passing yards. Even though he has a lucrative broadcasting deal with FOX waiting for him when he stops playing football—one that will pay him more throughout its life than his total NFL career earnings—that won’t happen for at least another year.

Takes a look at the numbers behind the Bucs’ Tom Brady contract.

Tom Brady Contract Details & Salary

Years: 1
Total value: 1 year $15,000,000
Payment in full: $30,000,000

NOTE: Brady’s deal is officially a one-year extension, but is more accurately a restructure of the two-year contract that was still active when he retired. He now makes $15 million in new money, plus a $15 million bonus that dates back to the 2021 season, as insider Greg Auman explains:

Base salary: $1,120,000
Guaranteed at the signing: $15,000,000
Dead cap hit: 47 million dollars
Free Agency: 2023

Even though Tom Brady came out of retirement this offseason, it seems likely that he will quit for good soon (right?). Brady is still the best at extending his contract to give his team more flexibility with the salary cap, as long as he is still around. By reorganizing the money he had saved up when he retired, Brady will:

  • Earn a base salary of just over $1 million
  • Earn almost $29 million in bonuses, most of which will be paid out in 2021.
  • Just $11 million will count toward the salary cap
  • Get a no-tag clause for 2023 if he wants to come back.
  • Starting next year, there will be $35 million in dead cap money that can be used to save money on the cap until 2026.

Tom Brady’s Career Earnings

Tom Brady Contract
Tom Brady Contract
  • Career Base Salary $67,480,705
  • Career Signing Bonuses Of $176,168,500
  • Other Bonuses And Incentives:
  • Total Salary Income Until Season 2022: $332,962,392

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