Tom Brady has won a lot of Super Bowls, which is a record in the NFL. The most important parts of his Hall of Fame resume are his regular-season wins, passing yards, passing touchdowns, and regular-season starts. Now he has a second one.

After throwing a 15-yard pass to running back Leonard Fournette in the fourth quarter of Tampa Bay’s 16-13 comeback win over the Rams in Week 9, Brady became the first player in NFL history to reach 100,000 career passing yards (including playoffs.)

Here is a list of the five players who have thrown the most passes in NFL history, including playoffs:

Tom Brady 100,096
Drew Brees 85,724
Peyton Manning 79,279
Brett Favre 77,693
Ben Roethlisberger 70,060

As a result of reaching this benchmark, Brady has now thrown an impressive 56.82 miles over the course of his career. This spans a period of 24 years, during which time they have won seven Super Bowls and have never had a season record that was lower than 9-7.

This season has not been a typical one for Tom Brady, as he has only completed 65.9% of his throws for 2,267 yards, but he has nine touchdowns to only one interception, giving him a rating of 92.4 heading into Week 9.

Even though Tom Brady‘s season hasn’t gone according to plan, he still accomplished a remarkable milestone by passing the 100,000-yard mark. Matt Ryan, who has thrown for 64,415 yards in his career, is the active quarterback who is the next closest to reaching the 100,000-yard mark, but he was benched by the Indianapolis Colts last week. Next up at number 63,054 is Aaron Rodgers.

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