Did Liam Hemsworth Cheat on Miley Cyrus?

Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth’s love story is one for the ages in terms of celebrity relationships. But the way they broke up was messy, and they still don’t get along very well, even though it’s been a long time since they were together.

With Miley’s new song “Flowers,” in which she seems to take a shot at Liam, fans are again talking about the two and what happened between them. So, did Liam cheat on Miley after all that? To know that Read the complete article….

Did Liam Hemsworth Cheat on Miley Cyrus?

Even though Liam and Miley’s relationship didn’t end well, there has been no proof that the actor cheated on the singer. As soon as she published “Flowers,” a rumor began to spread on Twitter. It gave the impression that the house where the music video for the song was shot was the same house where Liam cheated on Miley with more than a dozen other women.

Did Liam Hemsworth Cheat on Miley Cyrus
Did Liam Hemsworth Cheat on Miley Cyrus

“Miley Cyrus shot the music video for “Flowers” in the same house where Liam used to cheat on her with other girls. Hail Miley, the queen. As if the references to “When I Was Your Man” weren’t enough to make me love “Flowers,” “one fan wrote on Twitter.

“Let me make sure I understand.” Miley used a part of Bruno Mars‘ “When I Was Your Man,” which Liam wrote for her, and added her lyrics. She released the song on Liam’s birthday and filmed the video in the house where he used to cheat on her. “That is brilliant,” said someone else.

There were a lot of fans there, and some tweets got tens of thousands of likes and millions of views. At the time this was written. However, there was no way to check if this was true. Liam and Miley haven’t said anything about the house or the rumors about “Flowers,” It seems like the idea is mostly spreading through social media.

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Miley was accused of cheating on Liam in the past.

Even though there is no proof that Liam cheated on Miley, the “Wrecking Ball” singer has denied that she ever cheated on her ex-husband. In a series of emotional tweets in 2019, Miley told her fans, “I can admit to a lot of things, but I won’t admit that cheating was why my marriage ended.” I have been with Liam for ten years. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: “I’ll always love Liam.”

Even though she ended the cheating rumors with that tweet, Miley did say that she and the actor were no longer together.

“But at this point, I had to make the healthy choice to leave behind a past life.” I haven’t been this healthy and happy in a long time. You can call me a twerking, pot-smoking, cussing hillbilly, but I’m not lying. I’m happy to say that I’m in a different place than when I was younger. “At the time, she sent a tweet.

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