What Did Koda Do on TikTok? Cancel Drama Explained As Disability Video Sparks Backlash

TikTok car fans and members of the CarTok community started spreading #CancelKoda after Koda insulted another influencer by calling them names. CarTok is a subgroup or community of people who share information about cars and other vehicles with four wheels. People who like the same things can find each other in these groups, and they can also help each other out if they are attacked.

This time, the argument was between two people who were part of CarTok. Koda made fun of a disability in the boyfriend of a fellow influencer.

Koda, also known as mavxmedia28, is being canceled because she was caught making fun of another car influencer’s boyfriend for having scoliosis. In her conversation with @maces2k, the influencer can be heard saying some rude things.

During that conversation, Sky z33, maces2k’s boyfriend, was made fun of because he had a disability. The person who sells cars said:

The whole conversation is explained in Mace’s TikTok video, which says it all started when @mavxmedia28 posted a clip criticizing people who wrap their cars in pink. The second person, who has since made her account private, said in the video:

I may be a car girl, but at least I don’t wrap my car pink and put heart wheels on it.”

In the video, people talked about how unfair the influencer’s criticism was, and she responded with homophobic and sexist slurs. The fight went back and forth, but it wasn’t too bad.

Tiktok Cancel Koda
Tiktok Cancel Koda

When Mace posted a video of her wrapping her car in pink, things went from bad to worse. That’s when mavxmedia28 started arguing with her about it, and the text insulting Sky’s back started the trend #CancelKoda.

A TikToker friend of Mace’s made a video with mavxmedia28’s text and comments, which helped the hashtag gain popularity. The video, which has since been taken down, showed Sky’s back and said:

“Do you find this funny? F*** you!”

Sky replied to the video and said again that he would keep making videos. His most recent video was a response to the video made by mavxmedia28. He said that she had come to him because of a disability he couldn’t change. Nearly a million people have watched the video on TikTok.

What Is Scoliosis?

Scoliosis is a disorder of development that makes the spine curve to the side. Most of the time, it happens during a growth spurt before puberty. Most of the time, it causes a small deformity, but it can get worse as a person grows. It is a disorder that can’t be treated or fixed because there is no way to do so. It often makes other disabilities worse.

Members of the CarTok community are also wrapping their cars in pink as a sign of support. Others are wondering who the influential person is who said that.

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