TikTok Challenges Instagram With Massive Upgrade

TikTok has announced some important new features, including one that seems to go against the social media trends of the moment. The first of the new features were recently announced in the TikTok newsroom. It is a set of better video editing tools that let creators make more complex content without having to use other apps for more advanced functions.

TikTok is adding powerful new tools for editing videos, and in a challenge to Instagram, it is also adding photo editing tools.

As part of a new “editing environment,” users will be able to stack, trim, and split video clips, edit sounds, edit and position text more easily, add video overlays, change the speed of video playback, add sound effects, and rotate or zoom individual clips.

TikTok has added new, more powerful tools for editing videos and the ability to upload still photos.

TikTok Challenges Instagram With Massive Upgrade
TikTok Challenges Instagram With Massive Upgrade

The second new thing is a bit more surprising, but it’s still great. TikTok’s competitors, like Instagram, seem to be focusing more and more on video content like that on TikTok. Now, TikTok has added a new Photo Mode that is more like Instagram’s.

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By adding support for high-quality still images, TikTok is likely to take even more of Instagram’s market share, since many people feel that Instagram doesn’t pay enough attention to high-quality photos.

Even though TikTok’s new photo mode is similar to Instagram’s multi-photo posts, it still looks and feels like TikTok. At first glance, the addition of music and the fact that the photos change automatically could make it look like a slideshow that was uploaded as a video. This is only broken by the fact that you can swipe through the photos at your own pace.

One thing that doesn’t make sense is that you can’t see TikTok photo carousels in your web browser right now. When you try to do this, you will see the message “View photos on the TikTok app.” We hope that TikTok will add this feature soon to make it easier to share on other sites.

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