The Best Multiplayer Games On PC In 2022

The PC remains the ultimate gaming device because of the raw power that many top-end machines possess. And, as you will expect, multiplayer titles are still very much the go-to for most gamers. But, in 2022, which games are the must-plays that you should be loading up with friends?

Among Us

Among Us may have been around since 2018, but it’s still one of the best multiplayer titles available to play on PC today. The game, which can feature between four and ten players, is perfect for those who not only want to engage in some fun gameplay but in social deduction, too, as people attempt to work out who the imposter is. The skills you need in Among Us are similar to playing mobile casino games such as poker, as you’ve got to be on high alert and able to read others.

Rocket League

Like Among Us, Rocket League seems to have been around forever. But you could suggest that it’s the sign of a good game when it’s still as popular now as it was on release. In Rocket League, players are essentially taking control of rocket-fuelled cars that they use to play football in. It’s a crazy concept but tons of fun, and now people can group together with friends to form teams and take others on. Due to the success of Rocket League, it’s also become an e-sports title for those who take the game slightly more seriously.


Fortnite is still arguably the most popular multiplayer title of any platform around, and it’s especially the case on PC. After a blistering rise to the top, there was a slight lull, but now it’s hugely popular again after recent updates. Fortnite does battle royale like no other, and it’s even more fun because you can squad up with friends. And, for those who enjoy Fortnite but weren’t keen on the building element, there’s now a no-build mode, which means the gameplay solely relies on weapons and defeating opponents, making it more chaotic than ever before.

Sea of Thieves

Sea of Thieves is everything you want and more from a multiplayer title on PC. In many respects, it’s like Grand Theft Auto on the high seas, which is another fantastic PC title worth checking out. Rare, the creators of SoT do a tremendous job in regularly updating the game, so there are always new quests to complete. But, it’s being able to team up with friends aboard a brig and set sail that is the real draw. Especially when you engage in battle with others on the high seas, firing cannons and hopping aboard their ships.

There’s just something extra special about teaming up with friends on a video game, and plenty of titles allow this to happen on PC. Game developers are definitely moving to be multiplayer-focused, and that’s only going to be good news for gamers who enjoy kicking back and connecting with real-life or online friends before heading off on an adventure or into battle.