If Republicans Win The House, There Will Be “Pressure” To Impeach Biden

House Minority Whip Nancy Mace of South Carolina said on Sunday that there is “pressure” for Republicans to impeach President Joe Biden if they take control of the House in the upcoming midterm elections.

When NBC’s Chuck Todd asked on “Meet the Press” if she anticipates impeachment proceedings should her party win control of the House, Mace said, “I believe there’s pressure on the Republicans to put that forward and have that vote.” In my opinion, that’s what some people are thinking.

But the new lawmaker continued, “I do believe it’s divisive if that happens.” Mace did not specify who was allegedly putting pressure on him to resign, and he was not pressed for details.

A Republican lawmaker predicts 'pressure' to impeach Biden
A Republican lawmaker predicts ‘pressure’ to impeach Biden

When asked on Sunday how she would vote if an impeachment vote came to the floor, Mace said, “I will not vote for impeachment of any president if I feel that due process was stripped away, for anyone.” Regardless of who is in power, I usually vote by the Constitution.

Earlier this year, more conservative members of the House Republican Conference were pushing for the party to begin impeachment proceedings against Vice President Joe Biden if the GOP were to win the White House in the upcoming midterm elections.

According to Nogmagazine, House Republicans are also planning to retaliate against the select committee looking into the rebellion of January 6, 2021. In the face of a torrent of damaging revelations about his role in the deadly attack on the US Capitol, former President Donald Trump has been relying heavily on his allies on Capitol Hill to defend him.

A Republican lawmaker predicts ‘pressure’ to impeach Biden

Republicans are already preparing to investigate the January 6 panel as they look for ways to discredit its findings. There have been public calls for investigations and hearings into Trump’s unfounded claims of fraud in the 2020 election, and some of his most ardent supporters have joined the call.

House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy has promised vigorous oversight and investigations once the GOP regains control of the House in January. Still, it’s unclear how far he’ll go before the 2020 presidential election.

Mace, who won a previously uncontested seat in 2020 in the Charleston area, earned the wrath of President Trump by voting to officially recognize former Vice President Joe Biden as the 45th President of the United States. She faced accusations of lack of loyalty to the former President and a primary challenger backed by Trump but still managed to win her race in June.

Mace expressed optimism to NBC, saying she expected “a deep bench of Republicans and Democrats who will run for president” in 2024. Nonetheless, she didn’t completely close the door on the possibility of giving Trump another vote if he were the Republican nominee in 2024.

She declared, “Whoever the Republicans nominate in ’24, I’ll vote for them.”

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