Sleepy Princess in Demon Castle Season 2 Renewed or Cancelled?

Sleepy Princess in the Demon Castle is one of the many comedic anime series that can be found throughout the realm. Because it is centered on demons, the show is more than just a regular comedy, it also pursues the fantasy genre. As the title suggests, Sleepy Princess in the Demon Castle follows the adventures of a princess named Aurora Suya Rhys “Cialis” Kaymin, who has developed a serious case of insomnia after being kidnapped by a demon lord and taken to his legendary castle.

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The character of Sleepy Princess in the Demon Castle was first introduced in a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Kagiji Kumanomata, titled Maoujou de Oyasumi (Sleepy Princess in the Demon Castle). Since May 11, 2016, it has been serialized in the Weekly Shonen Sunday magazine published by Shogakukan. By November 2021, there will have been a total of twenty volumes published, beginning with the first volume, which was published on September 16, 2016.

Not only is the manga series published in Japanese, but it has also been published in English as Sleepy Princess in the Demon Castle by VIZ Media since June 12, 2018, under the title Sleepy Princess in the Demon Castle.

Sleepy Princess in Demon Castle Season 2 Expected Storyline

Princess Cialis is a very sweet creature, and she is adored by the people who live around her. In addition, when the girl was abducted by the Demon King, people were understandably upset and concerned about her health and the future of their family. The Hero sets out in search of her, and the Demon King awaits him with a ferocious sense of anticipation.

When the Princess arrived at the castle, everything had to be handled in a completely different manner than it had previously. According to the plan, the girl was supposed to be in captivity, quiet, and terrified. However, the Princess has proven to be so narcissistic that she is willing to go to any length for the sake of a good night’s sleep, which she is accustomed to receiving. The inhabitants of the castle must now keep a close eye on the Princess’s every move and desire, lest she causes trouble. If anything goes wrong, they will have to answer to none other than the Demon King himself!

Each episode is a new crazy idea from the Princess, all with one goal in mind: to get a good night’s sleep. Is it possible for the Hero to save her? Will the Demon King ever speak to the Princess, or will this sleeping beauty be content with nothing more than a good night’s sleep?

Sleepy Princess in Demon Castle Season 2 Cast Who Will Be In?

Princess Cialis:

While attempting to sleep in the demon castle, Princess Cialis (full name: Aurora Sya Lis Goodereste) (, Aurora Suya Rsu Kaimn) causes chaos in the demon kingdom. She is kidnapped by the demon king and forced to live in the demon kingdom. She has been residing at the castle of the demon king for the past four years.

Sleepy Princess in Demon Castle Season 2 Cast
Sleepy Princess in Demon Castle Season 2 Cast

Twilight the Demon King:

Due to the fact that he kidnapped Cialis while she was sleeping, he has only seen her when she is awake and has never had a proper conversation with her. He is constantly devising new strategies to prevent the hero from reaching him and becomes concerned if he is going to lose; he even places weapons and tools to make the hero’s quest easier. He is also a capable leader of the demons who dwell in the castle, but even he is powerless against Princess Cialis, and he is shown to be concerned for her up to a certain point in the story.

Dawner the Hero:

In the story of Dawner, the hero is tasked by the Human Confederation of Goodereste with the mission of rescuing Princess Cialis from the demon castle. Despite the fact that Dawner and Princess Sylias were childhood friends and are now engaged, she has no recollection of who he is. Dawner is referred to as “D-Whatsit” by the denizens of the demon castle whenever she speaks of him. Because Dawner is outgoing and friendly to Princess Cialis, he has always disturbed her sleep, causing her to have nightmares whenever she thinks about him. As a result, she has nightmares whenever she thinks about him. Furthermore, he is infamous for having a poor sense of direction, which explains how Princess Cialis ended up being imprisoned for four years.

  • Demon Cleric as Akuma Shūdōshi
  • Quilladillo as Hari Toge Majiro
  • Castle Goblin Grunt as Yashiki Teshita Goblin
  • Ghost Shroud as Obake Furoshiki

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Sleepy Princess in Demon Castle Season 2 Renewal Status?

Weekly Shonen Sunday first announced that Kagiji’s manga series Sleepy Princess in the Demon Castle was going to be made into an anime in September 2019. When Doga Kobo did the animation, they made a lot of popular anime shows, like Monthly Girls’ Nozaki-Kun, Plastic Memories, and Himouto! Umaru-chan, which are all good.

Beginning on October 6, 2020, the show ran for twelve volumes before ending on December 22, the same year. Doga Kobo has also released a few chibi shorts on the anime’s Twitter page from October 10, 2020, to December 24, 2020, while the show is on TV. After the first season is over, many fans who really like the anime are looking forward to the next one. So, is Sleepy Princess in the Demon Castle Season 2 still going to be on TV?

As of now, we haven’t heard from the author or the studio about Sleepy Princess in the Demon Castle Season 2. We don’t know if there will be another season. It hasn’t been canceled, but the show hasn’t either.

For the record, the official anime Twitter account has hinted at Sleepy Princess in the Demon Castle Season 2 several times in their tweets. This has made many fans excited.

Sleepy Princess in Demon Castle Season 2 Trailer

Unfortunately not an official trailer is announced for season 2 till then watch the previous one:

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