Skull And Bones: Release Date, Gameplay And Trailers

Skull and Bones are almost here, more than five years after it was first shown. The open-world pirate game has been plagued by production problems that nearly sank it, but it will finally be released. After a long break, Ubisoft updated the Skull and Bones website in March, hinting that new information would be coming soon. But it wasn’t until a pirate presentation that we finally discovered that the game would be coming out this year. We also got a deep dive into the many systems of the open-world pirate-em-up.

We saw how the progression system, character and ship customization, and crafting will work in Skull and Bones. We also saw how combat and special weapons would work. Ubisoft also talked about the different types of ships in the game and how you can make a name for yourself in the pirate world. We learned about PvP, PvE, bounties, special missions, and world events.

Ubisoft even talked about the game’s post-launch roadmap, which shows what extra content will be added to this seven seas simulator after the game. As the PC playtest for Skull and Bones starts, you might be hoping to find out more. So, keep reading to find out everything we know about Skull and Bones, including when it will come out.

Skull & Bones: Release Date And Platforms

When it was announced, Skull and Bones were only confirmed to come out on PS4, Xbox, and PC. But back then, it wasn’t coming out until 2018.

Skull and Bones have dropped PS4 and Xbox One after many delays and the release of the new consoles. It will still be available on PC, but it will also be on the PS5, Xbox Series X, and Xbox Series S. There have been reports of problems with Skull and Bones’ development, which we’ll discuss more below. In March, when the game’s website got a new look, we got hints that Ubisoft was about to announce a new release date.

During an earnings call in February 2022 (via VGC), Ubisoft said it planned to release Skull and Bones in its next fiscal year, which would be April 2023. This was another hint that the game would be coming out soon. We now know that Skull and Bones will come out this year, on November 8, 2022. This is thanks to a Ubisoft Forward. That’s just one day until God of War: Ragnarok.

Skull & Bones will also be Ubisoft’s first game for new-generation consoles that won’t cost more than $70 or £70. This is something the company hadn’t promised before. In a recent interview, Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot said (via Axios): “Some of the games will cost the same as the ones that are already on the market. The price of the big AAA games will be $70.”

You can always sign up for the Skull & Bones live beta test if you want to try it out sooner. This is happening from September 16 to September 19, but more could happen soon. If you want to know more, check out our guide, which is linked above.

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The Trailers for SKULL & BONES

Ubisoft has released a few trailers for Skull and Bones, but the latest gameplay trailer shows that the game is going in a very different direction. This is because the game was changed a lot while it was being made, and the new vision for it.

Ubisoft Forward

As seen in the latest trailer, Ubisoft has made the pirate PvP game Skull and Bones more of a survival game. You’ll look all over the seven seas for ships to destroy, grab their loot, and use it to make new hulls and equipment for your ship. In the video below, you can see how many of the new systems work:

A gameplay trailer for Skull & Bones was shown at E3 2018. It showed how things will work in the game’s dangerous hunting grounds. We don’t know how much of this gameplay will be in the final game. Look at it here:

Gameplay trailer

During its debut at E3 2017, Skull and Bones had two trailers. One was a movie-like trailer, and the other showed off the game’s multiplayer and PvP gameplay.
Again, it’s hard to say how much of that footage will be in the game that ends up being made. Look at them below:


We finally have a date for when Skull and Bones will come out, and Ubisoft has also told us how the game will work. It’s quite different from what was first said, so we’ve broken it up into sections below.

Skull And Bones Gameplay

Survival game

When it was first shown, Skull and Bones looked more like Rainbow Six Siege than it does now. The game was a small-team PvP game in which each player took on the role of a ship and outfitted it with special guns and armor. Then, the two teams would use their cannons and muskets to blow each other to pieces.

All of that has changed, or it’s no longer the main point. Now, Skull and Bones is first and foremost a survival game. You start out as a pirate who fell off his ship. You have to look for materials to build a small sailing ship that isn’t very safe, and from there you can work your way up to becoming a pirate lord.

With your ship, you’ll sail around an open world looking for wood, precious metals, and anything else you might need to make gear. You’ll face both computer-controlled enemies like other ships and wild animals like hippos and sharks. You’ll get more resources and loot from them, which you can use to craft with or trade for money at pirate dens and other outposts.

Taking on contracts is the best way to get money, tools, and plans. You will have to look for bounties, attack towns, or look for long-lost treasure for these jobs. Your “infamy” level determines which contracts you can get, and finishing contracts will also help you raise your “infamy” level.

You can play the whole game alone or with a friend in co-op mode. You can also let other people invade your game in PvP mode.


Skull and Bones started as a PvP game, but it has changed over time to become a survival game you can play alone. It’s a big change from what Ubisoft’s open-world pirate game was supposed to be. But Skull and Bones multiplayer is still around, though it has changed.

You can play the whole game by yourself, but you can also let other people play, both friends and enemies. When you take on a contract mission and go out into the world to earn cool stuff, you can invite another player to join your party and do the mission with you. Even though it will make the game a little easier and you’ll have to split some of your earnings, you won’t end up with less because you’ll often be fighting more enemies and getting more loot than your hold can hold.

You can also let other players join your game, turning the seven seas into a place for players to fight each other. Other players can’t attack you while you’re in the safe waters around a pirate den, but they can as soon as you leave those waters. You might not get much attention on your way to a mission, but when you’re coming back to port with a lot of loot, other players will see you as a high-value target on the amp and may try to find you and kill you.

PvP and co-op are still a part of Skull and Bones, but not as much as they used to be.


Skull and Bones let you make equipment for your schooner. You can buy gear and ships with the treasure you find.

You’ll find blueprints as you explore the seven seas of Skull and Bones. This could be a reward for doing a job or something hidden at the bottom of a treasure chest. They will be important for crafting in the game. You can build new ships, make new weapons and armour, and improve your ship’s fittings by using the world’s blueprints and resources you find. You can get these by scavenging shipwrecks, gathering natural resources, or hunting sea animals.

Some of the strongest hulls and gear will have to be made. So, you’ll need to spend time crafting and looking at blueprints to be the scariest pirate on all seven seas.

Ship kinds

In Skull and Bones, there will be more than one type of ship, each with its strong and weak points. The company said there would be Cargo Ships, Navigation Ships, and Firepower Ships in the Ubisoft Forward. There may be more types we haven’t seen yet, but we do know that each type has more than one hull, so there will be plenty of chances to find the right ship for your play style.

Freight Ships

Cargo ships are slower and bigger than cover ships but can carry much more loot than any other ship type. Even though cargo ships may not be as good in battle as firepower ships or as fast as navigation ships, you won’t have to leave any loot behind if you bring one into battle.

Ships for Navigation

The navigation ships are the fastest and easiest to control, but they don’t have much armor or hardpoints where you can put lines of cannons. Not only are they good for scouting ahead, but a good captain can weave between enemies and stay ahead of their guns during a battle. The other thing that makes them weak is their small hold. This type of ship is best used when you have a friend who can help you pick up the loot after a battle.

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