Are SK And Raven From ‘Love Is Blind’ Season 3 Still Together?

In Season 3 of “Love Is Blind,” Raven Ross and Sikiru “SK” Alagbada are one of the five couples who get engaged. The two people got to know each other slowly at first. Alagbada talked to other contestants like Nancy Rodriguez, but Ross and Bartise Bowden hit it off right away because they both loved fitness and nutrition.

Ross and Alagbada were drawn to each other in Episode 2 and their feelings for each other grew stronger.

Ross seemed tough to most of the other contestants, but when she talked to Alagbada, she broke down and cried. Alagbada praised her personality and beauty on the inside, which made her cry. Ross said, “Yessir!” with confidence when Alagbada asked him to marry him. Ross, 29 and Alagbada, 34, had more trouble than the other couples in the first set of episodes when the couples went to Malibu. But in the second set of episodes, things changed for them.

Let’s look at their journey on the show, which will either end with them getting married or breaking up.

Sk And Raven Seemed To Lack A Romantic Spark On Their Trip To Malibu

Ross and Alagbada went to Malibu, California for a fun trip with the other newly engaged couples before going back to their normal lives in Dallas. Ross and the data engineer spent most of their first night together getting to know each other better while the other pairs worked on making physical connections.

Sk And Raven Love Is Blind
Sk And Raven Love Is Blind

Later, the pilates teacher said that it takes her a while to open up, and she didn’t say anything about being in love with her fiancé.

Ross taught Alagbada Pilates on their date and kept correcting his form as he worked out. After working out, they talked about the “block” that was between them. Ross said that she wanted their relationship to have more “razzle dazzle.” Alagbada told her that they would figure out how to deal with their problems in time.

When the couple met for the first time, the data engineer talked about the problems they had. He said that he and Ross spent their first night together talking to each other from opposite sides of the bed. After hearing this and seeing the pilates instructor, Bowden told the camera and, later, his fiance, Rodriguez, that he thought Ross was attractive, which caused problems in his own relationship. Also, read Are Cole And Zanab Still Together After Love Is Blind?

But They Got Closer In Dallas

When Ross and Alagbada got to Dallas, their feelings for each other grew. But when they met the most important people in each other’s lives, they faced new problems.

Ross’s close friends were not sure about Alagbada’s plans to move to California, where he is taking a master’s program that takes two years. On the other hand, Alagbada’s family, especially his mom, liked Ross a lot.

So, Will SK and Raven Stay Together

We won’t know until the last episode on November 9. Ross and Alagbada are not following each other on Instagram right now.

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