Are Cole And Zanab Still Together After Love Is Blind?

Cole Barnett might be one of the silliest men in Season 3 of Love Is Blind, but Zanab Jaffrey liked that about him. After the two got to know each other through their pasts and religions, they decided to get engaged. When they meet for the first time in the Love Is Blind hallway, they are instantly attracted to each other. He even admits to looking at her butt as she walks out, which makes them both laugh.

When they get to Malibu, however, things quickly change between them. Still attracted to each other, Zanab tells Colleen Reed that they had sex five times on their first night together, but something isn’t working for either of them. They might be too different to get along. Zanab tells the other women that she is having trouble connecting the IRL Cole to the person in the pod. Cole says the same thing when he tells the men that he feels “disconnected.” He says, “I’m still in love, but things are very different now.” “I have to get used to her as she is, not as I wanted her to be.” Well, duh, Cole.

For him, it’s all about how she seems passive-aggressive, making small judgments about his behavior (like where he hangs up his towel) that are wearing him down after just 24 hours. How are they going to last until the wedding a month from now?

Are Cole And Zanab Could Still Together?

In the trailer for the rest of Love Is Blind Season 3, Cole and Zanab are seen “turning a corner” and seem to be getting along much better. By the time the first episode of the show comes around, Cole is following Zanab on Instagram, but she isn’t following him back. Cole follows everyone in the cast, including people from other Love Is Blind seasons like Shake Chatterjee, so it could be a fluke that she doesn’t follow him back, especially if they are trying to hide the fact that they are together until the full season airs.

Cole And Colleen Might Connect

By the time everyone meets up in Malibu, both Cole and Zanab seem a little unsure about their future together. Cole keeps telling the men there that he loves Zanab but that something is missing. It does sound like he complains too much, especially when he’s caught on camera flirting with Colleen Reed, who he briefly dated in the pods. The trailer for Love is blind Season 3 shows him and Colleen together, so it’s possible that something happens between them. It would at least explain why Matt Bolton is yelling in the same preview that he can’t marry Colleen.

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